Cute Baby Stuff and an 18 Week Update

With another 5 months until my due date I’m probably a little early on this, but I couldn’t resist getting a few little things for our baby girl. I’m giving myself get one drawer until we move. One. Drawer. It will be a while before I’ll be able to set up a nursery (we need to find a home and move) and I’m in no rush since she won’t “need” her own space in the beginning, so this felt like something I could do to prepare for her arrival. If you’ve had a baby, when did you start buying clothes and setting up a nursery? 

I haven’t actually used anything here, but most of these brands were recommended by friends and I just thought it would be fun to share a few little things I’ve found. Everything is really soft and cute which has to count for something, right? And in case you missed it, some of my favorite moms shared their favorite baby products here and I added a new baby section to my shop, too. 


Croissant Teether

One of the first things I bought!
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Clementine Kids

Polka Dot Swaddle

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Baby Sprouts Co

Knotted Sleeper Gown

This gown is one of the softest things I've ever felt!
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Rosalie and Junie


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Elk Kids Boutique

Elk Kids Boutique

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Picchu the Alpaca

I have given these dolls to at least half a dozen friends over the years and everyone loves them!
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LouLou Lollipop

Silicon Teether

My friend's daughter loved this so I added it to our registry
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Billie Blooms


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Adelisa & Co.

Leather Booties

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I always want to be upfront about partnerships and gifted product. This post was not written in partnership with any of the brands mentioned here but I love promoting small businesses and these are all products I love. The following products were gifted: My friend Monica of Monica and Andy sent a sweet gift box, Blabla gave me the alpaca (those are two brands I’ve gifted to my friends over the years), Adelisa & Co gave me the leather booties, and L’ovedbaby for the onesies. 

And here’s a quick 18 week update!

At 18.5 weeks, I finally feel like myself for the first time in months which I wanted to share for anyone getting through the first trimester right now. I got really lucky and wasn’t sick but the exhaustion was rough. Getting out of bed, making it through the day without a nap, falling asleep at night all felt like a challenge. It was so hard to go from working out 4-5 days a week (pre pregnancy) to once a week at best, but in the past week, I’ve made it to pilates 4x!

This has all been a lesson in patience – something new parents need when their lives completely shift in the blink of an eye. I know how lucky I am and that it’s all so worth it, but it’s not fun or easy to feel like you have the worst jet lag for 4 months straight. Since everyone’s pregnancies seem to be across the board, I thought this update might be helpful to some of you. And these have been a real game changer. I’m finally comfortable in something other than leggings.

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  • It’s true you don’t need a nursery set up at the beginning, but you do need a place to change them and a comfy spot for nursing. Honestly the most used thing in our first few months with our son was the glider! Get one with a high back you can rest your head on and arms you can use for resting while nursing. Even tiny babies get heavy after 40 minutes! My husband and I both spent a LOT of time in that chair and my 2 year old still loves to read in it. Our other most used item was the rock n play. We had a beautiful wooden bassinet from Germany a friend lent us to use but our little guy refused to sleep in it for even a minute. After being home 3 nights I sent my husband to target to buy that ugly rock n play and it worked like a charm. Babies don’t care what looks good!

  • I wish you (and Alaina) were preg back when I had my daughter in 2016! I looove all these gorgeous gender neutral baby clothes and products. For some reason, it was harder to find this great stuff back then. You don’t need anything set up for when baby comes! I think in Norwegian countries the federal gov’t gifts everyone a box for their baby to sleep in. In my culture, we do the minimal baby prep (most people don’t even have showers) out of superstition. I’m too type A to have followed that completely but I think as long as you have the baby come home to love, support (and coffee for mama!) you will be in good shape! Thank you for sharing your journey with us!