Find a Friend In Your City: January 2018

Back in 2010, I moved from Los Angeles to Chicago and didn’t know anyone here. And my blog was the best resource for meeting new people. In the spring, summer, and fall of 2017, I wrote posts like this one to use my blog to help you connect with women in your city. I’ve learned that you never know when saying hi to a neighbor, sitting down next to someone at a coffee shop, or messaging a complete stranger through a blog (or Facebook, because I’ve done that too) will result in in a friendship that will change your life. If you’re reading this blog, chances are you have something in common with another reader in your city. So whether you’re new to a city or stuck in a friendship rut (we’ve all been there) and want to meet new people, this one’s for you.


Leave a comment with your city IN CAPS and share a little bit about yourself.

Before leaving your comment scroll all the way down to see if someone else has mentioned your city.

If you see your city, reply to their comment to keep everyone together. If you don’t see your city, start a new comment.

I also created a facebook group to make things a little easier moving forward, but comments have worked well so far.


CHICAGO! I’m Danielle, and I moved to Chicago from LA back in 2010. I work from home most of the time, have 2 rescue dogs, and love interior design, orange theory, and any chance to get outside when it’s not freezing. You can follow me on instagram: @daniellemoss_

Please message me on instagram if you end up meeting someone!

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  • FREDERICK MD. (Greater DC area). Hi I’m Alexandra! I’m a library director at a boarding high school. I love Netflix marathons, brunch, Starbucks friend dates and sewing my own clothes. Find me on Instagram @alexandrap529

  • HOUSTON, TX! Danielle, I love this idea!!

    Clarissa here! I moved to Houston almost 5 years ago and have spent a lot of time building my career in Marketing. I live in the Heights area. When I’m not working, usually on the bayou sign my two dogs or finding a new patio. Find me on insta @clarissavanhousen

    1. Hi Clarissa! I’m Yolonda! I’m a local, that’s right born and raised a Texas gal! I’m a Realtor, and use to be a Marketer for many years. Anyway, I live in Westchase District and frequent The Heights. Maybe we can get together and grab a cup of tea or coffee. Let me know. Instagram: @stylefragment

    2. Hi! I’m Marisa. I live over in Montrose and work as an Event Sales Manager in the hospitality industry. I love cooking and binging guilty pleasure TV with my dog as much as I love being out and about grabbing wine or cocktails and great food around my favorite city! My more responsible free time I love yoga and running and spin! find me on IG: @marisawhitenton

    3. Hi ladies! I’m Jen – recently moved back to Houston (grew up here) after living in NYC for 10 years. Moving to Montrose in a couple of weeks 🙂 Love working out, cooking, trying new restaurants / bars — super excited to explore the city since it’s changed so much over the years! Would love to meet up…find me on IG: @jentwang

  • INDIANAPOLIS, IN! Hi, I’m Carly! I live with my husband and our rescue pup in the Indy suburb of Carmel, IN. I am starting a new job this month with a large midwest home builder and I am so excited about this career move! In my free time, I love Netflix watching, online shopping, reading mostly fiction novels, and volunteering as a docent at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. You can find me on instagram @christopherlovescarly

  • NYC! I’m Sarah, and I just moved to New York in September for a new job. When I’m not working, I love to cook, shop online (…too much), go on Netflix binges, and explore the city! Find me on insta @sarahbyrd. Looking forward to meeting anybody and everybody!

    1. NYC (Brooklyn) – I’m Claire, and I moved to NYC in August with my husband. The other (read: main) man in my life is my rescue pup, Cooper. Currently obsessed with Instant Pot cooking. I love to travel, read fiction, learn about wine, bike, and am actively trying to find the best latte in the city. I aspire to have plants that live longer than a year. Also, very into Netflix binges… Stranger Things, OITNB, Scandal, and basically any crime docu-series!
      Insta: @cm_occho_mc

      1. I’m also on a big latte hunt! Have you been to The Hungry Ghost in Fort Greene? That’s my current top contender.

        1. NYC – Hi! I’m Melissa! Just moved to NYC this summer. Love to cook, explore new neighborhoods and travel. Currently living in the West Village. Look forward to meeting everyone!

          1. Hey y’all! I’m Virginia and I just moved to NYC in September for work! I live in Brooklyn (Park Slope) and work in midtown. I work in gemology and love netflix binges, traveling, animal instagram accounts (guilty pleasure), reading, polka dots, trying new restaurants and going to the movies. Would love to get together and meet y’all!

          2. Hi Sarah! My boyfriend and I are thinking about moving to Brooklyn, near Fort Greene, when our lease is up this summer. How do you like the neighborhood? And how is the commute to midtown (I also work there)?

        2. Lattes for life! I’m Shea, live in Brooklyn work on the Upper East Side. Grew up on long island but I’ve been in Brooklyn for 4 years now. I’m always looking for yoga and coffee buddies! (classpass anyone?) instagram is @shea_g_b : ) PS another good latte spot is Golda, near me in Clinton Hill

      2. NYC- I’m Rachel. I moved to NYC almost two years ago for grad school. Currently live in the East village with my fiancé. I love to cook/bake, run, travel, and explore the city. Looking for my next binge worthy show, but the bachelor is definitely a guilty pleasure.
        Insta: rbp654

      3. Just moved back to BROOKLYN as well! I work from home writing tons of emails and drawing lots of pictures – I love to run, yoga, go to city events (like First Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum), and would love to meet some other work-from-home artistic/feminist/good-food-loving Brooklynites who would be down to go work on projects next to each other at a yum cafe or coffee shop. AND if you’re a hiker, I also help coordinate a hiker group for ladies in the area. Instagram: @jillyink – I’d love to connect!

    2. NYC – I’m Hanna, and moved to New York in September for my first full-time job after graduating from college in the spring. I love reading, exploring the city and visiting museums, shopping, and I am loving The Crown on Netflix.

      1. NYC- I’m Megan and I am moving back to New York to look for my first job after graduating college last month. I love shopping, dancing, coffee, happy hours, and exploring the city! Add me on insta: @itsmetiej

    3. NYC (Actually in westchester, but close to NYC). I’m Namrata, and moved to the NYC area with my husband 2 years ago. I love photography and exploring coffee shops and quaint stores in the city. I’m also loving the crown on netflix right now and can’t seem to get enough of it!

      1. hi! also, in westchester! moved here 2 years ago from LA! i need solid gal pals to explore and hang with! currently obsessed the crown, drinking in snow storms, and bookstores. find me on insta if interested! kiranvibhakar

        1. I tend to walk into bookstores so often! like everytime i see a quaint bookstore in smaller towns upstate 🙂 added you on insta!

    4. NYC! I’m Sydney, and I moved to NYC from Massachusetts in 2013 to attend college. I graduated last May and moved permanently to NYC to start my first full-time job! I live in Astoria and work in Midtown and love reading, interior design, running, and Netflix binges. You can follow me on instagram: @sydneykeen

    5. NYC! I’m Emily – corporate lawyer living in NYC for almost 8 years (time flies!) Live on the Upper East Side – love running, meeting new people, the Bachelor (such a guilty pleasure), trying awesome restaurants, and traveling as often as possible. Find me on insta: @esheahan

        1. Currently watching it too! Not happy with some of Arie’s choices so far… but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, it’s still early!

    6. NYC! I’m Marina! I moved here from Chicago a few years ago – currently living in the village and working downtown. I love trying new restaurants, finding great books, marathons on Netflix/Amazon Prime, and shopping at Sephora. I also just started a blog and Instagram @jeansandgems

      1. Love shopping at Sephora too! What’s your current marathon? almost finished SATC marathon on Prime, then free membership expired!

        1. I just finished Jane the Virgin – total guilty pleasure. I’m currently watching outlander and I have a love/hate relationship with it. SATC is such a classic!! Worth renewing prime for that alone haha

    7. Hello all! I’m Liane, been in NY for almost 6y now. I work around Flatiron (one of my favorite neighborhoods in NY). I like exploring the city for new restaurants and coffee places. Very into beauty, pretty shoes, and interesting art (MOMA is my favorite museum). Insta:@lianepamuspusan

    8. NYC! I’m Preshu and moved to NYC this Wednesday from DC. I live in Queens and will be working in Brooklyn. I enjoy exploring new restaurants and I have a special place in my heart for hole in the wall spots. I also like reading, historical fiction is my current favorite. I also do a lot of netflix binging with my 6 year old Boston Terrier, Rocky. One of my goals this year is to start practicing Yoga, would highly appreciate any recommendations for Yoga spots around. Find me on Insta @__prepre_

    9. NYC!! I’m Logan, and I live in Greenwich Village with my boyfriend, but work in NJ. I love running (anyone want to start a run club?), baking and cooking, making to-do lists, and my goal in 2018 is to be a tourist. There are so many things I haven’t done (gone to the Statue of Liberty, go to the Top of the Rock, etc.) regardless of living here. While I love a good latte, I am also searching for the BEST cup of coffee.

        1. Yes! Would love to do a meetup. Shall we move the conversation to Instagram? I’m @lianepamuspusan. I tried to add but some have private accounts

    10. Hi! I’m Brittney. I’ve been in NYC for about 7 years now. I moved here (from NC) for law school and haven’t left 🙂 I live in Gramercy with my boyfriend and 2 y/o english bulldog. I love exploring new neighborhoods, trying new restaurants, traveling (especially to sunny places with clear water), health/fitness, and pretty much all dog-friendly places/activities! Insta: @bme8397 and @finnthebully (yes, I’m one of those dog moms who has a fur-baby insta)

    11. Hi, I’m Erin! I’ve lived on the Upper East Side for 2 years and am looking for some fun, single girlfriends to go out with! I work in marketing at a tech company in midtown. When I’m not working, I love exploring the city, seeing live music, visiting museums and finding new, interesting bars and restaurants. My Insta is @erinelkind, looking forward to meeting you all!

  • CHICAGO- I’m Morgan. Just moved to Chicago in 2016 for work- we make your favorite mac and cheese and ketchup ????. Anyone want to start a Bachelor watch group? Insta @morganlfunk

    1. Hello! I’m Lauren. I just moved to Chicago about three months ago, from Florida! I recently graduated and am trying to make big moves in my life (already started that with my move here). I moved here with my partner but am looking for some friends, I miss having female interactions! My insta is @neruall

      1. Am I too late for this group? I moved here 2 weeks ago from South Africa and am looking for a new group of girlfriends (I don’t know anyone!)

    2. Hi! I’m Liz — a Chicago transplant via Cincinnati. I’ve been in the city since Summer 2016 and am always looking to make new friends! I’m an avid class passer user, craft beer enthusiast, and concert go.

      IG: @lizurso

    3. Hi! I also work for a food company in the city ???? I love checking out new restaurants, concerts, reading, fashion, running, and Orangetheory.

      IG: stephmknox

    4. Hi! I’m Maggie. I’m a grad student at UIC graduating this year! Love running, yoga, all things food, concerts, and exploring Chicago.

      IG: maggieliz31

    5. Hi I’m Lizzie! I just moved back to Chicago after several years (and several states) away. I’m enjoying rediscovering the city with (and without) kids— parks, museums, libraries. I love coffee, design, art history and everything French.

    6. Hey there, I’m Rorie! I’m a recent grad working as a graphic designer full time and freelance photographer. I love this city and everything it has to offer. I love running, animals, cooking, reading, architecture, interior design, photography (obviously), and going to concerts. I also have a plant based food blog,

      Anyone interested in starting a restaurant trying group or book club?

      IG: @iam.rorie

    7. Hi! I’m Cassie. I work in event marketing and have been in Chicago for almost 4 years now! I love cooking, fashion and Barry’s classes and am always looking for new ways to meet people.
      IG: @casslams

    8. Hello! I’m Kiley. I moved from Columbus, OH to Chicago about 6 years ago to work in theatre, but I currently work as an admin. assistant for a university. I live with my husband and sheltie-mix Lula Mae in Edgewater. I enjoy running, going to theatre and movies, and trying out new restaurants and bars in the city.

    9. CHICAGO !! Hi I’m Katherine I work for a tasty distilled beverage producer in the area and manage a little bit of everything from our logistics to marketing. I’m a Chicago native so a book of knowledge on the city but always in awe of it. Would love to meet some new faces !

      IG kathloft7

    10. Hope I’m not too late here!

      Hi everyone, I’m Rose! I work in public relations for a food company as well– we make protein bars. 🙂 I love to travel, eat, run, read, see Broadway shows, etc. Would love to make some new friends as well!

      Insta: rosemontag

    11. Hi everyone! I’m Lisa, I work as an Event Planner for a bank in the city. I am originally from the east coast (NJ and Philly). I love to travel, watch reality shows, and try new work out classes! I also loveee the Bachelor! Would love a meet up or a watch group 🙂
      Insta: lc363

    12. I’m Sydney and moved to the city in October from Nashville. I work 100% remote, so meeting people can sometimes be a challenge. I take workout classes at Studio Three and love checking out happy hours in different neighborhoods. i have a cute rescue dog that loves to be active!

      IG: sydneylutsch

    13. I’m in Chicagoland! I moved here from Ohio about a year and a half ago. I work from remote and travel often, but would love to meet some new friends! 🙂 I blog a lot too.
      My insta is jennhinkle_ (follow me! Let’s be friends!!!)

    14. CHICAGO – Hi, I’m Jess. I moved to Chicago 4 years ago, I’ve always been in the Midwest. I’m a foodie, blog lover, wine drinker, yogi. I would love to meet new friends and further explore this amazing city! Insta is j.raecherry

      1. Hey Jess, I’m Sarah! You’ve mentioned all of my favorite things 🙂 I’ve gone ahead and followed you on IG… I’d be interested to talk yoga… over wine?!

    15. CHICAGO! I’m Lucy. I moved to Chicago from Pittsburgh with my boyfriend at the time (now he’s my fiancee!!) in 2014 for law school – I just graduated this past June, successfully took the bar exam and am currently job hunting/planning a wedding! We have a 7 year old blue weimaraner and I love reading, spinning, traveling and red wine! insta is _ellebeee

    16. Am I too late? I moved to Chicago in 2014 and work in marketing. I enjoy working out, cooking, the Chicago restaurant scene and would love the opportunity to make new friends. Instagram @tealrichard

    17. Hi ladies! Also in Chicago. I moved here last year from New York and I absolutely love it here! I love working out and going to brunch/happy hour/anywhere there is wine 🙂 Morgan- please add me to the group chat I’d love to get to know some new people! Instagram is rachel_rose__

    18. Hey Ladies! I realize I’m pretty late to the game, sorry! I moved here from Boston about 3 years ago and started my own interior design firm, @devongraceinteriors in 2016. I am always looking to meet new people and would love to be a part of this Bachelor watch group ????????????

    19. Hi ladybabes! Hope I’m not too late to this! My husband and I just moved to Chicago last July from San Diego. I‘m a lover of food, all of the wines, and anything Bravo/Housewives. I would love to meet some new people out here! @kristenkimberley

      1. Hi! My husband and I just moved here last June. I love running, dogs, exploring the city finding the best food and shops. If I’m not it too late, I’d love to join! Insta: @mrskristenmancini

    20. I’m late to the game- story of my life. ???? But hopefully I can meet some new Chicago friends. I moved here about 4 years ago from Minneapolis. I work for a market research company and enjoy all things food and addicted to beauty products. Would love to meet up and watch bachelor or get coffee/wine! Insta: antoinetta_canada

    21. This is awesome! Am I too late? I’m Lauren. My husband, pup and I moved here Nov 2016. I work remotely and travel an unfortunate amount but would love to get to know more ladies in the city! I’m always up for a reality TV show watch group, trying a new workout class/intramural league, exploring the city’s dining scene or even book club 🙂 Insta: laurenselman7

    22. Hi Morgan! Would love to be added too if it’s not too late 🙂 my instagram is @julie_alagna thanks!!

    23. CHCAGO! Hi!! If you’re still taking in group members, would love to join! Love “The Bachelor” and this beautiful city! Moved here 5 years ago for grad school, and ended up staying. Living my fiancée curently and planning our wedding! I recently made a switch from marketing and events, to finance – but am still big on being around people. ???? IG: @thisismissnene thanks!!

    24. Hi Morgan 🙂 I’m super late probably but would love to meet some new friends and totally down for a watch group! I’m 32, live in Old Town and work for a not for profit managing their social media. I love Bravo, beauty and decor. My IG is loveashleytay

    25. Hi! A little late on this, but a friend directed me to this thread. I’m Alison, new to Chicago as of September. Moved here from Boston, but I grew up as a military brat and continued to bounce around from place to place as an adult. I’m a writer, and also teach creative writing and work from home for a creative writing non-profit. Love reading, travel, food, and just about anything else! Insta: @amurph11

      1. Hi! I am Sarah, I am originally from the suburbs, but moved back to the city in 2016. Currently living in Old Town, but looking to move to Wicker soon! I do fundraising for the University of Chicago and love Soulcycle, Corepower, wine, Chicago breweries, and definitely would love to join the Bachelor watch group! Insta: SarahAbram

    26. Hi Morgan! I’m Sarah, a 30 year old client manager living in Logan Square. I’d definitely be interested in a Bachelor watch group, if it’s not too late! IG: sarahdaren

    27. Hi everyone! I’m Shelby- originally from New York but I moved to Chicago 5 years ago for grad school. I live in the Lakeview area and work in the urban planning field. I love all things on this thread !! — wine, (all) Bravo shows, yoga, working out, walking around the city, trying new restaurants. I’m definitely interested in meeting up with you girls!

      my IG is: shelbycegan

    28. Hi! I’m Katie and pretty late to respond since I just found this! I hope it’s not too late. I’m moving to Chicago in a few weeks with my fiancé from Columbus, OH. I will be working remotely for my current marketing agency and would love to find a new way to make friends in a new city. I’ll be in the western suburbs but want to make it downtown as much as possible. Love trying new restaurants, good beer, running, traveling and trying anything new!


    29. Hi! Just found this thread. I’m Shiela – very shy and introverted but just moved to the city a couple months ago and am not good at meeting new people. If it’s not too late, I’d love to join the group. Insta: shielaroy

    30. Hi Chicago! I moved to Chicago from Toronto about 1.5 yrs ago for work. I also work in the food industry. A few of the ways I like to spend my free time : flea markets / vintage shops, photography, cooking, new restaurants, exploring new neighborhoods. @staceykinkaid

    31. Hi y’all! I’m Maddie and I permanently reside in a northern suburb outside of Chicago, but am away at college right now at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, so I sadly cannot join the bachelor watch group 🙁 I am planning on living in the city this summer to do a wedding and event planning internship and would love to have some more friends there! I enjoy journaling, photography, exercising,
      dogs (mostly French bulldogs), and life style blogs, just to name a few. Would love to get in touch in the summer if possible!
      Insta: Maddieroan

    32. Hi Chicago girls! I’m Abby – and i’ve live in Chicago for 5 years. (Originally from Michigan). I live in East Lakeview and work in marketing. Love all things reality TV, wine & working out (xsport east lakeview). Would love to meet up with some ladies from this thread! Feel free to add me on Instagram and we can get a meet up thread going 🙂 IG: @abbygoetsch

  • BALTIMORE-I’m Eileen. I am a reading
    specialist in Baltimore. I love my rescue pup, running, yoga, traveling, and Netflix. Looking forward to meeting everyone! Insta is emrich_24

    1. Hi Eileen! I’m just seeing your post now! I have a pup as well, what kind of rescue do you have? Insta is @ellechic

  • WASHINGTON DC! I’m Alise, I work in PR for social change (think: disease research, public health awareness, etc) during the day, and love hikes, exploring new restaurants, and trying to recreate my fave sweetgreen order at home. Would love to start a cookbook club in the city! I’m on insta @maryalisecarol, let’s chat!

    1. Hi there! Also in DC. I just moved here recently and am still trying to get my footing. I’m excited to explore more of the city and maybe take some other east coast trips this year as well. I love to read, travel, decorate and then redecorate my apartment (thanks, instagram), and cook/bake. I would love a cookbook club as well! Insta: @cossli

      1. Hey! So nice to meet you (virtually)! I requested to follow on insta! I *love* redecorating – I’m currently settling into my second apartment here!

        1. Hi Alise & LC, I’m also in DC. Been here for awhile (work in policy research for an advocacy nonprofit) but it’s a tough city to make friends in :/ Would LOVE to start a cookbook club… and I wish I could just have a sweetgreen in my kitchen 🙂 I’m on insta: @rebecalynda I’m excited 🙂

          1. Hi all, I’m also in DC. I’m Alison, and I moved to DC for college. I graduated from AU in May of 2017 and I’m 22. I’m currently working political advertising sales. I love to bake and cook, so I am totally on board for a cookbook club (I also just received a few new ones for christmas). I’m passionate about politics, and I love exploring new places in DC. Feel free to follow me on Insta: aljones18 (I have it on private, so just send a request.)

          2. HI DC Ladies, I’m Grace. I’ve been living in DC for a couple of years. I love the city. I teach first grade. I love to read, travel, and cook. I’d love to meet some more people. I’m on insta: gvvhengery.

    2. Hi @disqus_bHuoqadgZ5:disqus! I’m also in DC and love it here 🙂 I work as a Regional Sales Director for an education start-up, and came to DC back in 2010 for college. I would love to get to know you over drinks! 🙂
      Insta: @klamarino

  • PHILADELPHIA-I’m Dayna, work as a nurse. Living out in the burbs right now, moving to manayunk later this month. Newly married, have a rescue pitt hound mix. Bravo tv addict.

    1. Hi Dayna! I’m Bailey, and I am moving to Philadelphia at the end of January for a copywriting job. I have corporate housing in Center City for a month, but after that I’m not sure where I’ll be. I love yoga, reading, cooking, and dogs! I’ve had a pitt mix in the past and am hoping to get another once I have settled in.

      1. Hi Bailey! Welcome to philly! you can add me on fb, i’d be happy to give you some center city recs to try once you move!

        1. Hi Dayna and Bailey! I’m Kate, moved to Philly in August and loving it here. Welcome to Philly Bailey! Let me know too if you need recommendations!

  • CHAPEL HILL- Hi! I’m Colleen. I moved to CH almost 4 years ago from Ohio with my husband and our adopted dog Cooper. I’m a social worker who likes to exercise (although could use an accountability partner), an avid reader, play board games, and bake.

    1. Hi Colleen! I’m in Durham, but am not far from Chapel Hill. I moved here with my husband a year and half ago, and had a baby in November! I work in digital design at an agency in Durham, and also love to exercise. My instagram is @julia_swenson or find me on Facebook!

    1. Hey! I’m in Charlotte 🙂 be been here for just over a year. All about coffee, pure barre, and wine on the city rooftops! You can find me on IG @hannahrpurser

  • BELGIUM- Europe. I’m Brazilian living and working in Belgium. I’m looking for new friends in Europe as I travel a lot around EU countries due to my Business Development job. Nice to meet you ❤️

  • AUSTIN, TX! Hi, I’m Courtney and I moved to Austin in August from NYC/NJ for work. I’m an HR Manager for a tech company. I’m looking to expand my social network and meet some new girlfriends. A few of my favorite things: tennis, cooking, trying new restaurants, interior design, traveling, Netflix, and being outdoors. Instagram: @cawtnee

    1. Hi Courtney, I’m Ashley and just moved to Austin two weeks ago from Chicago. I too would love to meet some new girlfriends and network! I love trying new workout classes, restaurants and being outdoors in what will hopefully be wonderful Austin weather. Instagram: ashleyldoyle

      1. Hi Ashley and Courtney, I moved to Austin 3 weeks ago from NYC! I also love boutique workout classes and trying new restaurants. My instagram is kristenenieves

  • DENVER, CO – I’m Aimee and my hubs, two rescue dogs, and I moved to Denver in July of 2016 for my job. I’m born and raised in Chicago (actual Chicago, not the burbs). Although I have a ton of recent food allergies/sensitivities, I’m a food junkie. I used to write for Eater Chicago, The Chicago Chic, but now I solely write for my own brand, One Full Plate. I LOVE working out at Barre3, trying new restaurants, and traveling. Oh and I’m in my third trimester. Seeing that we are still newbies in Denver and miss Chicago terribly, I would love to meet some new faces. My IG is : onefullplate and would love to chat 🙂

    1. DENVER – Hi, I’m Jen and moved to Denver from Chicago 3 years ago. Loving Colorado and try to spend as much time as possible with my pup (Remi) in the mountains! IG _alwaysj_

      1. Hi Aimee and Jen! I’m Steph and I moved back to Denver in Aug 2017 after 6 years in Chicago! I grew up here, but have been away for 10 years and am dying to meet some lovely like minded new friends! I love trying new restaurants and work out classes…my current rotation is Yoga/Pilates Evolution/Pure Barre. I currently work from home for the same company I worked for in Chicago, so I am always up for a mid-day coffee break :)…My IG: is Steph_Siggy

        1. Hi ladies! My name is Lauren. Moved to the Denver Metro area in April from Southern CA. Currently in Erie with my husband and two labs. I love the outdoors, traveling, and trying new places/things. Always happy to meet new people!
          IG: laurenrhea_

          1. Hi Ladies! I’m Mackay and am in the process of moving to Denver, and will be an official resident in about 2 weeks! I am originally from Chicago and would love to meet you all! I love travel, trying new restaurants, enjoying good coffee, reading and being outdoors! I’m currently looking for jobs in the non-profit industry, so have free time throughout the day! I’d love to get together sometime in February once my husband and I are settled! My IG is macgunn!

  • KANSAS CITY! I’m Laura, and I actually live in Lawrence. I work in marketing and love running, cooking, and playing with my new Boston Terrier pup! My IG is @lrsmith1223

    1. Hi Laura, I went to KU (class of ’12)! I just moved back to KC after living elsewhere for five years. Rock Chalk! Follow me on Instagram @sarahdweaver

  • NEW ORLEANS! Hi, I’m Sara, a 28 year old lawyer originally from upstate New York. I’ve been in NOLA for 6 and a half years, and when I’m not working, I love exploring the city’s food and drink scene. I’m also a huge runner, and love to bake. Would love to meet some new people in the city 🙂

    IG: saralaurenochs

  • LOUISVILLE, KY. Hi! I’m Colleen. I moved to Louisville from Chicago about 1.5 years ago. I love Orange Theory, brunch, and cooking. My IG is @collwade 🙂

      1. Hi all! I’m Deena – I moved to Louisville also from Chicago just about 6 months ago. I don’t have instagram, but I do have Facebook … I’m a vegetarian, but I really like cooking and trying new recipes/restaurants. I love reading, walking in parks, and checking out movies/plays.

  • COLUMBIA, MO! I’m Mollie and I work in alumni relations for my alma mater. I’ve been back in Columbia for 2.5 years after a couple years away post-college. I love taking pure barre classes, trying out new restaurants in town, and reading! I’m @mollieL on insta. Would love to connect! 🙂

  • VANCOUVER, BC CANADA I’m Toni and I’m a consultant and work for myself. In my down time, I love design (fashion + interior), reading, getting outside, all things wellness and great meals with great conversations and company! You can find me on Instagram @tonileighscott xo

  • MINNEAPOLIS! I’m Pia, and I moved to Minneapolis from San Diego in August (yes, it’s cold). I’ve worked in environmental nonprofits for the past three years, and I love hiking, podcasts, coffee and Survivor. Would love to connect with people in the Twin Cities and beyond! I’m on insta: @piagilda

    1. Hi Pia! I live in Minneapolis (have been here 9 years now) and I also work at a nonprofit and love podcasts + coffee. Also a big fan of running, writing, and checking out new restaurants, breweries, and the like around the city. Would love to connect on insta (@jackiesaffert) and meet up for coffee sometime!

      1. Hi Ladies! I am also from Minneapolis! I’ve lived here my entire life. I work in human resources and I’d love to meet some new people. I love working out, yoga, podcast, coffee, breweries, ect. Lets connect! My IG is @cooks132. (I hope you both get this message :))

        1. Hi Friends! (Maybe? Hopefully?) I’m Audrey and am a newbie to Minneapolis approaching the one year mark. I am currently a student at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Going with the trend, I am an avid podcast listener and coffee drinker with a bit of yoga in the mix. I am on insta as @auds_andends. Stay warm!

  • SEATTLE I’m Rachell! Photographer of the PNW when I’m not at my desk job! Love hiking, food, reading, and adventure. Follow me on instagram @rachell.lewis

    1. Hey Rachell! I’m Nicole. I’m a social media coordinator during the day but I’m on the side I’m a freelance food photographer. I love venturing around Seattle finding new restaurants to try, reading and yoga. My Instagram handle is Mindfully_You_Nutrition. Looking forward to connecting.

  • DALLAS TX, I’m Brittani a 32 yr old that just started my own mobile health service company. I had a 9-5 like everyone else then realized that my skill set gives me the opportunity for entrepreneurship! I’m also interested in starting a blog capturing the moments in entrepreneurship. However, kinda clueless on blogging but hey I can learn! ????Insta me @blwei oh and I love brunching at new places in Dallas!

    1. Hi Brittani! I’m moving to Dallas in the next two weeks for a culture services position at an airlines company. I’m also a huge fan of brunching or really anything dealing with food:) as well as hiking, yoga or running.

  • PHOENIX! I’m Lauren and I just moved to AZ from San Diego a few months ago. I came out here for my boyfriend’s new job and miss having a group of girlfriends. I work from home full-time for a digital marketing agency. I love my rescue pup, mimosas, the Bachelor, and planning my next trip. My IG is @laurenmichelle412 if you want to slide into my DMs 🙂

  • CLEVELAND, OH! I’m bridget, i am a mother of one, and recently relocated from chicago. i work downtown and would love to explore cleveland more. i love microbreweries, vintage furniture shops, and mitchell’s ice cream 🙂 i also love the everygirl and other lifestyle blogs. i’m on insta as @bridget_baum

    1. Hi Bridget! I am in Cleveland too 🙂 I was born and raised here and love all things Cleveland. I work downtown as well and live on the west side. I love spinning at Harness Cycle, yoga at Yoga Strong, and eating at our many restaurants! Mitchell’s Ice Cream is the best! My instagram is @jtobin05

  • BOSTON! Hi! I’m Kate, 32 years old, I moved to Boston a few years ago from the Midwest with my husband. I am a buyer for a retailer and love to shop, wine and a good workout class (though I will always need a friendly push :)! I would love new friends in Boston! My insta is @audieks

    1. Hi Kate! It’s nice to meet you virtually. So glad to see someone else toughing it out in this Boston cold! I’m Christianne, 27 years old, and I’m a Francophile librarian who also loves shopping and wine. I’m here (technically in Cambridge) with my husband and 14 year old rescue pug. I’m @cbeasley on Insta, and looking forward to connecting soon! 🙂

      1. Hi ladies! It’s nice to meet you all! I’m Michelle, 30, and moved to Cambridge from NYC with my husband in August. Would love to make friends in Boston 🙂 I work for a bikeshare start up and in my free time love me some brunch, yoga, wine, and lots and lots of Netflix! My insta is @mbmaertens

        1. Hello all! What an exceptional idea this is. I’m Lauren, 31, just moved back with my husband to Boston from NC in July. I am finishing up my last 6 months of medical training ???????? and now have more free time to run, watch sports, enjoy a glass of wine or two and hopefully meet up with y’all lovely ladies! My insta is @lfeetracy

          1. Hiya ladies! I’m Brandie, 36, live on Somerville/Cambridge line and have lived in the city for nine years or so. Work in global PR at a tech company. Love to brunch, listen to live music, meditate and have a cocktail or two. Always up for meeting new friends, Insta is @BGdoesPR

        1. Was Holly, now is Polly and she’s a bundle of joy! She’s also on insta @hollypollypug if you need a pug fix! 😉

    2. Hi Kate and Christianne! I’m Erika, 32, and work as an in house attorney for a biotech. I moved to Boston from Florida a few years ago. I’m always up for a workout class! My insta is eri_kane9

    3. Hi Kate, Christianne, and Erika! I’m Evie, 31, originally from Wisconsin and have been in Boston for about 5 years. I work as a legal researcher at a consulting firm and also love shopping and wine (and food, particularly cheese). My insta is @properevidence. Looking forward to connecting! 🙂

  • SAN FRANCISCO – hey ya’ll, I’m Trudy!
    I recently left a long time position in the retail corporate world to work for myself. I’m an artist, but not the “emo” artist type. I love interior design, working out, drinking wine, chatting about anything on Bravo. I’m recently out of a relationship and looking to avoid him at all costs! Chat me up and let’s make some memories in 2018. My Instagram is @trudylynnelliott

  • SAN FRANCISCO – hey ya’ll, I’m Trudy!
    I recently left a long time position in the retail corporate world to work for myself. I’m an artist, but not the “emo” artist type. I love interior design, working out, drinking wine, chatting about anything on Bravo. I’m recently out of a relationship and looking to avoid him at all costs! Chat me up and let’s make some memories in 2018. My Instagram is @trudylynnelliott

  • HONOLULU (Kapolei), HI Hi I’m Laura! I am new to Hawaii, I am a world languages teacher, I love the beach, travel and films. I’ve had my blog for about 8 years. You can follow me on IG @sealaura

  • NORTHERN VIRGINIA (Winchester)! Just moved here from Seattle! I run an Etsy shop and work from home so even harder to find my people. I love to run, workout and would love to start a book club, game night or girls night out. On insta @designsbydawnrenee

  • MADISON, WI! I’m Coree, just moved to Madison recently. I am a fashion lover, workout junkie, and puppy momma. Shoot me a DM @coreetuggle. Let’s be friends!

  • SAN FRANCISCO! I’m Cait and I moved to SF three years ago from CHI (I’m from New Jersey originally though). I work at an ad agency, love travel and have a lifestyle blog (

    Always love meeting new people and would love to grab coffee or wine with any fellow SF ladies ☕️????

    1. Hi! I’m Renni and I’m also in SF. I moved here from LA two years ago. I like your blog! I’m an attorney but I have dreams of updating my Insta more and finally making my own blog (that I’ve been talking about for years…) I also enjoy wine and coffee 🙂 I’ll add you on Insta!

    2. SAN FRANCISCO- Hiya! I’m Meagan, I moved here from FL three years ago. I was born in Chicago. I’m a designer and also love wine and coffee equally! On Insta I am @ohthatmeagan!

    3. San Francisco (Oakland)! I’m Amber and was born and raised in the Bay Area. I work in the events industry and also have a lifestyle blog ( I’m always up for meeting new people and love a good coffee or wine date!!

  • TORONTO, ON- I’m Vija (vee-a) and moved to Toronto from Chicago 3 years ago. I own my own barware design company that allows me to often indulge in my love of wine, entertaining and decor. Currently I spend my down time working on renovating my home, and exploring Toronto- a city that I fall in love with more and more every day! I’m on insta: vija23 and grenvillesociety- Lets connect!

    1. Toronto is my hometown but I moved to London a few months ago. I’m sure I will be back though I don’t think I can stay away forever. I also love grenvillesociety! So cool it’s you. My insta is @dianaasmith.

    2. Hi Vija, I’m originally from Barcelona but I moved to Toronto about 3 years ago. I’m an Event Coordinator and I did weddings in the past, so decor is also a big part of my life!
      I love good food, discovering and trying new things, and dogs. On a winter day, you would probably find me in a cute cafe enjoying a good latte. Let’s connect on Instagram! @arantxacastella

  • ATLANTA! Hi, I’m Erica. I’m a grad student here in Atlanta, originally from the west coast I loved here about 4 years ago for school. I love yoga, hiking, reading, and crafty things, exploring new restaurants, and parts of Atlanta. I’d love to meet some new people here!
    Insta @ericaglandis

    1. ATLANTA Hi, Erica! My name is Rae, and I live right outside of West Midtown (technically in Smyrna). I’ve lived in the area since I graduated from school 8 years ago. I’m a retail designer. I love to cook Blue Apron (I’m closing in on 300 recipes), I enjoy thrift shopping, and trying out new restaurants as well. I would love to meet new friends too. 🙂 I’m on Instagram @rajaune and my blog is .

  • MELBOURNE, FL. Hi I’m Katie and I am a middle school fashion/culinary teacher at a low income school and run a fashion blog at During my free time you can find me exploring outside, swimming or paddleboarding at the beach and baking delicious desserts. All my friends and family know I LOVE fashion and desire to own my own clothing line one day! Find me on Insta at for tons of color, fashion and beach life!

  • Walla Walla, WA; I’m Danielle! Moved to the PNW recently to work in the wine industry. I’m a collector of cookbooks, amateur photographer, and sci-fi obsessed. I’m big into exploring, reading, wine and food. I’m on IG @dlchris2

  • LONDON, UK. I’m Diana and I moved to London from Toronto, Canada about 4 months ago. I work in social media for a tech company. Since I’ve been in London I have made sure to travel at any chance I get. I’d love to connect with anyone who is in London or plans to visit. If your interested follow my adventures on Instagram @dianaasmith.

  • LONDON, UK. I’m Diana and I moved to London from Toronto, Canada about 4 months ago. I work in social media for a tech company. Since I’ve been in London I have made sure to travel at any chance I get. I’d love to connect with anyone who is in London or plans to visit. If your interested follow my adventures on Instagram @dianaasmith.

    1. LONDON! I’m Katie, originally from Virginia but moved here from NYC with my fiancee about 9 months ago and have found it tough to meet new friends. I’m a former lawyer turned literary agent and I love books, craft beer, my tiny cavapoo pup, hunting down decent tacos, and trying new workouts to burn off said tacos. I’m on Insta at @ktgreenstreet.

      1. London here too! I’m Emma, I’ve been working in policy for the last six months and love it! Also a big fan of tacos, plus coffee, photography and walking. Just started getting into yoga too. I’m on Instagram at @emmakeziah

    2. I’m just outside London on the Sussex coast, and pop up a few times a month. I lived in London for many years. I love the beach, yoga, reading, the cinema and eating out. I’m on Instagram as @denysewhillier.

  • DETROIT, MI • I’m VaNessa! I am a former blogger and I work in higher education. I have made a resolution to put myself out there and connect with people this year. I am a big nerd who loves reality TV and a good Twitter hashtag! Follow me on twitter & insta: @nessabirdie & @vpthompsonMS.

    1. Hi VaNessa! I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan so kind of close by. 🙂 Looks like we’re the only Michiganders so far. If you’re ever in the area, let me know and we can meet for coffee or another warm drink?! I’d like to do the same when heading your way too if you’re interested! Planning to be in Detroit sometime this Spring when I’m not hibernating. haha. Nice to e-meet you!

  • LOS ANGELES – Hi! I’m originally from Santa Barbara and moved to LA six years ago to pursure a career in the music industry. I’ve been working at a major label ever since. I live in Los Feliz, love the outdoors, hiking, day trips, new restaurants, live music, art, matcha and more! You can follow me on Instagram: @alimorr

  • CHICAGO I’m Sarah!! I moved to Chicago(western suburbs) in August 2016 from Georgia. Yes a HUGE change of weather for my husband and I! I work in the clothing industry but currently looking for a change of career. I love exploring the city, art, food and pure barre! I’m on instagram @sarahcarrollmurphy

    1. Hi Sarah – I’m Sarah! I moved to Chicago 8 years ago. I lived in the Lakeview/Lincoln Park area for 3 years and in Logan Square the past 5. I work at a law firm in River North where I admittedly spend way too much time in front of a computer. So when I’m not I love to explore and try new things in the city! I’m on Instagram as @sarahdaren

      1. Hi Sarahs! (And fellow Murphy!). I also just moved to Chicago from Boston in September. I’m a writer who loves reading, traveling, food, and exploring. There’s also a huge Chicago thread below that you should check out, if you haven’t already! My instagram is @apmurph11.

  • MILWAUKEE! I’m Laura – I moved here from Chicago 4 years ago for work with my husband. I’m an architect and work in custom residential, which I love! We had a baby 1.5 years ago and would love to connect with other Milwaukeeans! I’m obsessed with style blogs, coffee shops, and am trying to make some more connections and friends here in Wisconsin. On instagram @lcbresnah12

    1. Hi Laura! I’m Amy, also in Milwaukee! I also love so many of the coffee shops here, am always reading or cooking, and am continually looking for new ways to explore the city with my husband and pup. I’ve become a big fan of indoor cycling lately, too. I’m on Instagram as @expressway!

  • KANSAS CITY! I’m Lizzie, I just moved to Kansas City from Chicago last month with my fiancee. I love to go to fun restaurants, go to spin class, online shop, and cook new recipes! I’d love to meet some new friends in KC! Follow me on Instagram @lizzie_borchers

    1. Hi Lizzie, I just moved to Kansas City two months ago! I grew up here but have been gone the last nine years (four in Lawrence at KU, five between three states and three countries!). I’d be down for a meet up. Follow me on Instagram @sarahdweaver

  • CHARLESTON, SC – I just moved from Chicago to Charleston, SC in October with my husband and 2 labradors. Would love to meet some new local friends! I’m a real estate broker for Carolina One and I love going to the beach, trying new restaurants, Netflixing and exploring my new city. I’m on instagram @hilarywierengo

    1. Hi Hilary! So, I currently live in Chicago, but am going to be visiting Charleston in a few months (hopefully!) and wanted to see if you’d be interested in meeting up for lunch or a drink? I’m a 30 year old female, have lived in Chicago for 8 years (whoa how they’ve flown by!) and love to travel and explore new cities! I’m being super forward, I’m aware haha, just thought I’d touch base 🙂 My IG is sarahdaren, if you’re interested.

  • PORTLAND, OR Hi ladies, I’m Sarah. I work in the high tech industry 9-5 and outside of work I enjoy being active, hiking, reading, writing and traveling. I’d love to meet, network and overall expand my girl gang. You can check me out on instagram: hi_girlhey

  • TAMPA I am Lindsay! I work in marketing and relationship management, within the finance industry. I am getting married this weekend! I love to cook, and love all recipes from Bon Apetit, although I do not discriminate. I am currently venturing into the freelance space, and currently trying to navigate that. I am borderline obsessed with my mini goldendoodle, Friday.

  • LOS ANGELES (LA) – Hi there! I’m 31 and live in Studio City. I’m an Editor for TV. Love good food and talking with other driven women. Any other ladies in their 30’s in the area that want to do a workout class (pilates, yoga, fitmix) in our area?

    1. Hi! I’m Courtney and just moved to LA (weho) 2 months ago from Chicago, where I lived for 7 years but originally from Florida. I love the outdoors, hiking, trying new restaurants, cooking, reading a good book and good wine! I’m looking to meet new friends in the area! My insta is @celandl

      1. Hey guys! I’m Elyse and I’ve just moved to LA from Australia ???? I left all my life long friends at home, and while I love facetime I’d love to meet some amazing like-minded ladies here in LA. Say hey @elysegoyen on Instagram!

        1. Hello! I am Eileen. I moved to LA from DC almost 5 yrs ago. I live in Los Feliz, land of coffee shops and ice cream. I have ClassPass and I’d love to check out some new studios. When I travel, I always try to find a brewery to check out. LA has some many unique offerings I am always up for exploring. My insta is @eileen_renee

  • GREENVILLE/SPARTANBURG, SC. I’m Laura and I moved here from Milwaukee this past August. I’m a freelance content marketing writer and runner who enjoys brunch, beer, and exploring the upstate, especially hiking in the mountains. My instagram is @bylauraroseb

  • CHICAGO! I’m Tayba and I moved here 2 weeks ago from Cape Town and loving it. Interested in PR, branding, baking, boxing, running, dogs, champagne and travel! Would love to grab a coffee (or wine) with girls in my area code. Insta: @taybavaughan

    1. Hey Tayba! Welcome! I moved here about 6 months ago. I love exploring the city, running, dogs and finding the best food and shops the city has to offer. Would love to meet up! Insta: @mrskristenmancini

    2. I’m in Chicago too!! I would love to hang out, I am a PR major in college and a lifestyle blogger. I love some similar things, like PR, branding, running, and champagne 😉 Insta: @emmaklenhart

  • GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN! Hello, I’m Emily. I’m a freelance graphic designer/illustrator, work from home mostly, and love living near the Lakeshore (Lake Michigan), going to local breweries, and reading (both fiction and non). You can follow me on Instagram: @bravegirlspirit

  • RICHMOND, VA! Hi – I’m Lauren, and I moved to Richmond, VA in October. I absolutely love it here so far! I’m currently looking for a job, but in my free time, I love to cook and bake (or at least try to!), watch Netflix, learn about wellness, decorate my apartment and explore my new city and its surrounding areas. Feel free to follow me on Instagram: @lnruzin

  • BARCELONA, SPAIN, hi I’m Amanda! I moved to Barcelona one week ago (I previously lived in SF and before that NYC). I moved here because my husband’s job relocated him here and we brought our pup Ollie with us. I don’t know anyone here and speak limited Spanish so would love to make some friends if any other readers happen to live in spain too!

    I’m very into fitness/wellness and while in the US taught classes at equinox and did marketing for a fitness company. Also love to travel and explore. You can find me on Instagram at @shapinup or on my blog Any other expats looking to connect? Xo

    1. I’m not in Barcelona Amanda, I live in the UK. But I’ve visited more than 20 times. There’s a huge expat community so I’m sure you’ll get to meet people soon enough. Meanwhile I’d say enjoy exploring the city as there’s so much to do, and take trips up and down the coast and into the mountains. I know there are yoga classes on the beach. And some walking groups too. Check out Michael Witty’s walks which are legendary. I went on a couple and had a great time. One of my favourite parts of Barcelona is Gracia, and the Plaza Verreina particularly. You’ll find some great yoga studios there, and a little cinema. Wishing you all the best in your new adventure.

  • BALTIMORE I’m Leah. I’m a hospitality interior designer and moved here from Southern New Jersey almost 4 years ago with my husband. I’m a pup mom to a Maltese named Toby, love to travel, yoga and a good glass of wine. Would love to chat and meet some new friends! My insta is: @ellechic

    1. Hi Leah, where are you from in Jersey? I grew up outside of Philly. My dog is a daschund/chihuahua mix. I go to yoga myself! If you know of any good wine places, let me know. Eileen

      1. I grew up right outside of Mullica Hill, about 40 mins south of Philly. Aw sounds adorable! Awesome, I’m not good but really have enjoyed getting into yoga…let’s chat on insta and maybe meet up for some drinks! Leah

  • CHICAGO! I’m McKenzie, a former New Yorker (moved to Lincoln Park last year), used to work in food/beverage PR in NYC and recently became a stay at home mom. Looking for fun/outgoing women (mom and non-mom) to drink/eat and explore the city with. Follow me on instagram @mckenziemroman

    1. Hey McKenzie! I just moved here this past summer and am recently staying at home with my two boys. Would love to meet up and explore the city! IG is @mrskristenmancini

    2. Hi there’s – I just moved to Chicago first from Madison. I loved going to new restaurants and want to explore the city! @juliamcandrews

  • CHICAGO! I’m Callie. I moved to the city about 18 months ago. I’m an interior designer, total foodie, and can’t pass by a dog without wanting it to become my best friend. I’m always up for exploring new coffee shops and shops in the city but also a complete couch potato and could live on popcorn and serial killer documentaries. Let’s connect! @callie__morgan__