Quick and Easy Holiday Entertaining

I love entertaining but the thought of really putting time into throwing a party completely overwhelms me – especially right after a busy work week. Baking, cooking, and styling are fun but it can all feel like so much work and can be very stressful.

Every year, I say I’m going to throw a Friendsgiving and 5 minutes later realize it’s too much work and give up. This year, I decided to throw get together for friends and am so glad I kept things simple (like I always do). I was able to put it together after work and everyone had a great time.

I’m excited to partner with American Express to share a few tips for throwing a quick, easy, and last-minute party. I used my Blue Cash Preferred Card to get 6% cash back at grocery stores, 3% on gas and department stores, and 1% on everything else – so not only was this easy to throw together, but I got cash back doing it. I’ve talked a little bit about my finances before, and I’m all about taking advantage of a credit card with great benefits.

Here are a few tips for throwing your own quick and easy party this holiday season.


Cheese boards are so easy to make, and it’s pretty easy to make them look a whole lot fancier than they really are. Buy a few favorite cheeses (word to the wise – always include manchego), grapes, fig spread, almonds, crackers, and meat. Don’t forget the rosemary! You can put one of these together in a matter of minutes. Not a bad spread, right?!


This post should really be called “the lazy girl’s guide to entertaining” because I had this plan to bake mini pies, and then I was over it and ended up buying pastries at the grocery store. Baking would have been cheaper, but I had a really busy work day and zero time, so spending a little extra money and also having the security that the treats would actually taste good (because odds are 50/50 when I bake) felt worth it.

I also picked up some frozen appetizers and popped them in the oven right before everyone arrived. The pastry bites with feta cheese and caramelized onions are always a hit! Can’t recommend them enough.


Pumpkins, greenery, candles, or some simple flowers are all you need for a pretty tablescape. I recommend investing in a cheese board or some simple white serving pieces, too. For more food and decor hacks that will up your hostess game, check out


I usually serve wine but if you’re feeling fancy or want to feel like you really did something since almost everything else was ready-made, find a simple cocktail recipe for the evening. I mixed bourbon, pear nectar, a little ginger ale, and agave and voila.

This post is in partnership with American Express as a blogger ambassador for Blue Cash Preferred. All opinions are my own.