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Life, Lately

What. A. Month. Our wedding was exactly 4 weeks ago but I can totally believe that much time passed because I’ve been all over the place since. After spending two weeks in Europe (I’ll recap that trip one of these days), I spent my first week at home sick and working in bed. I finally dragged myself out of bed to style and shoot something for The Everygirl, then dove head-first into our gift guide and a bunch of personal campaigns.

We usually split the gift guide 50/50 but this year, added our managing editor to the mix. We have such a great team, and things already feel more organized (and less hectic) this year.

My holiday home tour will go live on The Everygirl in early December so I’m ordering some new holiday decor but plan on relying on wreaths and garland to make this place feel festive. Our home isn’t as warm as my homes usually feel to me (don’t get me wrong – it’s lovely but feels a little stark) but I’m hopeful I can make it feel cheery and cozy.

I’ve added new product to my shop and even added a section for holiday!

Speaking of my blog and shop, I only work on The Everygirl during the week so I’ve been shooting on weekends. It feels like I’m just going from one thing to the next but I love what I do so I’m embracing it.

I’m sure most of you can relate to this, but I just want to lay low and get things checked off my to-do list when I’m not laying around doing nothing. I’ve been working late and had a few things to shoot the past few weekends, and just feel a little disconnected from everything.

This coming weekend, we’re having a post-wedding party so we can celebrate with our friends and family. My sister and a few close friends weren’t able to make it to Paris but will be here. I cannot wait to spend the weekend with everyone!

Life is so much less stressful without wedding planning on my to-do list and being married is so much better than being engaged.

I finally get the hype about Stranger Things because Conor and I started season 1 Saturday night and we’re already a few episodes into season 2.

I am very into this brand to keep my suitcase organized and this one for the world’s most comfortable shoes. And these Christmas PJs.

Ok, so do we like these posts? I’d really love to hear from you guys. What types of content do you want to see over the next few months? What questions do you have for me? 


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  • Congrats on the one month anniversary! For what it’s worth, I always enjoy these posts–they make me feel like I’m catching up with a friend, so to speak. In terms of content moving forward, if you’re willing to share the thought process behind the Christmas decorating, then I’d be really interested in the behind the scenes–how you brainstorm ideas, make a plan, how and what to buy, etc. I’m especially interested in how to decorate when you feel uninspired by your space, and not just in terms of the holidays. I’m planning a move in the next couple of months and have had a harsh reality check about type of places that are in my budget now that I’ll be living on my own–it will not exactly be the hardwood floors and charming architectural details of my dreams. But I also want to be happy in my new place and make do with what I have!

    1. Aww thanks! I’ll try to come up with a post but my plan is to just cover everything in garland. Haha.

      I’m not sure I worded that correctly and should probably do a better job explaining feeling uninspired. It’s the least “feminine/cozy” home I’ve lived in to date. Most of the art is Conor’s and feels more like him and I think going dark with the sofas just feels “too” dark? I don’t know. I really do like our space but my other homes have felt a little softer. Or maybe it’s just me!

  • Congrats on the one month!! I feel like this time after you wedding is so special and you get to enjoy it again this weekend with the party! I hope you have so much fun!

    xo, Sarah

  • Love this post! I guess I enjoy reading about the details of your aesthetics, home, fashion. I’d like to read an in-depth of each room – nobody post about their cupboard organisation 😀

  • Can you share some wedding details – invitations, flowers, food, decor, etc?? Would love to see!

    1. Let me think more about that one 🙂 It’s not THAT different minus no wedding planning (that’s the best) and feeling good/more settled – like we’re really REALLY doing this forever now. Ha.