What’s Inside My Makeup Bag

Earlier this year, I shared some beauty picks from my makeup artist*. But when my friend who is so good at this stuff came over and offered to do my makeup she was all ok show me your stuff and then she was like where’s your primer and blush and finishing powder?! ???? Umm…

So she walked me through everything step-by-step and I ordered whatever was missing which felt like everything except foundation although I was almost out and actually had to order that, too. I even replaced my 10+ year old makeup brushes and although a big set was recommended, I opted for ordering 4 brushes because I won’t use more than that.

I feel so official now.

Here’s what’s in my new and very much improved makeup bag.

*when I say “my makeup artist” I’m referring to the person who has done my makeup for 3 photo shoots (for work). 

Laura Mercier


I didn't own primer until now. Tell me I'm not the only one.
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Charlotte Tilbury

Foundation (no. 3)

This is the foundation recommended by my makeup artist.
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Makeup Sponge

Where have you been all my life?!
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Blush in Orgasm

Ok don't judge me but I didn't have blush in my makeup bag until last week.
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Highlighter in Golden Opal Pearl

I love this stuff. Gives a little more glow than bronzer. My friend had me put a little around my eyes – so pretty!
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Make Up Forever

Finishing Powder

First time owning finishing powder, too. Where has this been all my life?
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Marc Jacobs


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Marc Jacobs

Eyeliner in no. 41

I've always used this in black but this color is so much warmer and looks pretty with my hazel/green eyes
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Brow Wiz

This brow filler is the best I've ever tried. Legit Magic.
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  • Hahaha, my makeup bag is so small and just basics – I don’t even know what primer is or kabuki brush would be used for. I know I should upgrade, but when working from home, it seems like such a semi-unnecessary splurge to own a bunch of makeup to wear it make 2x month. My routine is concealer, foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, eye lash curler (yes, it really makes a big difference), mascara, bronzer.
    I’d be REALLY interested in the best of drugstore version of this.

    1. Allison, I love makeup–it’s a bit of a hobby–and would vote for both ELF and Rimmel’s primers. I’ve used Laura Mercier primer too and love it, but have been just as content with the above brands. Primer helps prepare your skin for foundation or tinted moisturizer, and helps it stick around a bit longer. You choose the type according to your skin needs–like a hydrating one if you have dry skin. I use a primer that helps tinted moisturizer actually stay on my oily skin in the humid climate where I live. For mascara, I’m currently a big fan of L’Oreal’s new Lash Paradise mascara. I use a lot of MAC makeup brushes, but my favorite brushes are actually the Real Techniques line, which you can get at Target or on Amazon. Hope this helps!

      1. Jessica! Girl! You are awesome. Thank you; I’ll check out some of these.
        I am a ride or die L’Oreal mascara girl.

        I’m 100% sure the pricier products are amazing, and I’ve really wondered if I should put it on my birthday/Christmas list, just a big purchase when the person I see the most is the cashier at the grocery store on Mondays….and likely due to the lack of makeup other than moisturizer, I keep getting the student discount in my mid-30s.

        1. Happy to help! And haha I find the same is true at grocery stores when I don’t wear makeup–they always think I’m much younger than I am. While I do wear a lot of pricier makeup, I absolutely believe you can find gems at the drugstore. I often think foundation or tinted moisturizer is worth the splurge, but then I also love the L’Oreal lumi cushion foundation so there you go!

    2. I feel you and used to not wear any makeup and hated getting dressed. Ha. Once we got an office I started putting real pants on and even like (sometimes) getting dressed on days I work from home.

      We’ve done some drugstore roundups on The Everygirl! My friend chose all this makeup and I tested it out for a month before sharing the post – so I’m not the person to tell anyone what to buy. Ha. I also don’t own a bunch – this is really it! Your routine sounds great to me btw 🙂

  • Danielle, blush is going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I’m only kidding a little bit–it’s the number one thing that makes me look awake and a bit younger than my 35 years, ha! And NARS Orgasm is one of the best.

      1. Thanks! I’m just starting to wear makeup and this post is super helpful. It is nice to see a list that isn’t (seemingly) a million products long.

  • Love those brushes! What do you use the kabuki brush for? Blush and bronzer?

    My make up bag is very simple like yours. It would be awesome to see a “make-up routine” post from you. 🙂

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