Find a Friend in Your City: August 2017

It’s crazy to think that I didn’t have any close friends in Chicago just over a handful of years ago. As luck would have it, I met almost all of my close friends through my blog and The Everygirl. And since my favorite part blogging is being able to help and connect with others, so I’m using my network to help you connect with new friends in your city.

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you might have something in common with another reader in your city. So whether you’re new to a city or stuck in a friendship rut–because we’ve all been there–and want to meet new people, this one’s for you.

Here’s how it works

Leave a comment with your city in caps and a little bit about yourself. Before leaving your comment scroll all the way down to see if someone else has mentioned your city. If so, reply to their comment to keep everyone together. If not, leave a new comment.

Here’s a sample comment

CHICAGO! I’m Danielle and have been living in the city for 7 years. I’m one of the founders of The Everygirl, have 2 rescue dogs, and love interior design and photography. Hoping to make new friends in the city! You can follow me on instagram: @daniellemoss_

If you have time, I’d recommend posting your comment in the comments of this instagram post, too!

Please message me on instagram if you end up meeting someone!