Worth The Splurge

From decor and kitchen gadgets to clothes and accessories, there are those little–ok, and not so little–luxuries that just might be worth splurging on. Not everyone will agree that these items are worth it and I’m not saying everyone should have them. Figured it was worth covering my bases with that very brief disclaimer–let’s not forget this is just for fun, ok?


Mini Drew

This bag is comes at quite the price but it's so chic. I don't have it but it's been on my list for a while now.
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Viktor and Rolf


This has been my go-to scent for over a decade (for real) and I am almost through yet another bottle. Time to pay up.
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Dana Rebecca

Diamond Earrings

Ok so I did get these (with credit) and haven't taken them out since I got them.
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Slip on Sneakers

$200 sneaks?! I know, I know. But they're comfortable and stylish, and I know I'll get a ton of use out of them.
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I'm not suggesting that you make it a habit of spending this much on candles, but consider splurging on one and recycling the container as a vase or makeup brush holder.
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Jayson Home

Marble Tray

I finally caved and got this for our dresser (styled with sunglasses, perfume, and watches) and it's sort of perfect.
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Milk Frother

If you like lattes but don't have a frother, I may have just changed your mornings.
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Facial Essence

Not cheap. Supports skin cell renewal. So worth it.
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Maybe I got mine at the airport in Portugal for just over $200 but still, I love them enough that I'd actually say they're worth paying full price.
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White & Warren

Cashmere Scarf

The perfect oversized blanket scarf
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Leather Jacket

This one is definitely a splurge but it feels so good. I've found a few other options for you, too.
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What’s on your splurge list? 

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  • I bought a pair of diamond stud earrings for my 30th birthday and have worn them almost every day since (and that’s going on almost 11 years). I also bought a couple of David Yurman bracelets for my 35th birthday. Finally, the Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots. I only wish I’d bought them 3 years earlier!

  • I’m sorry, but I find it kind of gross that you didn’t disclaim that you make a commission with these affiliate links, especially when you are specifically linking to what you describe as luxury and high price items. Also, it’s a lot easier for you to justify buying pricey things when you know you can make some (if not all) of that money back from the commission from the affiliate links you use. The people who visit your site don’t have that luxury, and may think that, since you bought these items, they must be worth it (not realizing that your true cost is much less due to these affiliate links). I’m sure you’re not going to take into account my opinions and just label my a “troll,” but I highly advise that you start disclaiming affiliate links before you get in trouble with the FTC…

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Lauren. I would never call you a “troll” and always welcome both positive and constructive feedback, which is not what this was. I also never said I owned all of these items. I don’t have the bag, but I think it’s a really great purchase.

      I actually do have a disclaimer on my blog. You can find it here.

  • Love this list! Little luxuries and splurges are great at any budget or stage in life. I seem to be moving towards a less (but higher quality) is better than more mindset more and more. Honestly, I get a little sick thinking about the money I blew when I was younger on the cheaper things that always seemed to date themselves, break or just be poorly made—lessons learned. 🙂

    And, 100% love the Chloe too.

  • I’m into this! I’ve been oohing and aahing over the Chloe Nile bag for a while and even bought a cheap knock off at Akira (which promptly broke after 30 minutes), but don’t see myself ever springing for the full price bag. But it sure is fun to dream! Also, the White & Warren scarf is THE BEST. I bought two cashmere lookalikes during the Nordstrom sale and they just aren’t the same. Sigh.

    1. Yeah, there are a few bags I love that I just can’t pull the trigger on. I talk about treating myself to one in Paris after our wedding but know I’ll probably just stress over money and not end up getting one. Mainly because I’ve talked about it for years. Fun to dream though! 🙂

      That scar if really is THE best. I was really lucky and had store credit when I got mine. But I lived in it all winter.

  • And I just wanted to say I don’t care about affiliate links at all. If you make a little money from me clicking over on something you took the time to curate for me, so be it! Doesn’t harm me in any way. I trust you’re still suggesting items you love. Plus, your aesthetic is so specific it’d be pretty obvious if strayed anyway, ha!

    1. Thanks, Laura! You get me. I would NEVER post something for the sake of posting (that I didn’t love) and it takes a lot of time to put these post together, so it’s just a small benefit on my end. I didn’t start blogging to make money and most of my posts do not make me anything at all, but it’s a lot of work so getting to partner and make a little commission each month is definitely a bonus.

      ps I made $10 in commission today. So there’s that.

      1. I agree; you are certainly entitled to the commission if you recommend something that gets purchased- you’d get it if you worked in the store!
        I also appreciate when bloggers temper their opinions by discussing what they have received c/o. It really does affect one’s opinion, and needs to be taken into account. I used to work for a major cosmetics retailer- SO MANY FREEBIES- I loved it all, but when I think “would I spend my money on this?”, sometimes the answer is different. I’ve been having issues trying to determine whether or not to spend $240 on Vintner’s Daughter (Canadian price); bloggers seem to love it, and I’m sure I would too if I had it comped, but is it worth my $$? Still trying to decide.
        Love your blog, your interiors, and Buddy, my Virtual Dog 🙂

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