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Wedding Update: Two Months to Go

Everyone kept saying it was supposed to be the happiest time of my life. And at times, it was! I don’t know that I’ve ever been happier the night of our engagement the week that followed. Then we started planning.

Things have changed a lot since I wrote this post, and I touched on why everything has been so difficult in here. I have started to embrace that having Conor’s family and my friends there means I’ll have family at our wedding, too, and I am much happier than I was a few months ago.

I am not really comfortable when all eyes are on me which is definitely a factor in our 16 person wedding and why I chose to skip a bridal shower and bachelorette. My friends have asked if I’d consider doing something to celebrate and I might be open to dinner. We’ll see. Conor’s very sweet aunts and uncles offered to throw us an engagement party  (on a boat with the cutest balloons that got wayyyyy more likes than expected on instagram). Good friends, food (drinks too, obviously), fireworks, and no gifts. So we said yes.

One of my best friends is also our wedding photographer, so we snuck off to the side of the boat to take a few photos with her. Katie Kett, you are the best.

When I imagined running around Paris taking photos, Katie and Pat (her husband/second shooter/our good friend) were there with us. That’s one of the moments I can picture in my head, and I am so excited to share that with them. They are both so talented and they really get us. Katie knows how to make me feel at ease and knew exactly what to say to get Conor to laugh during this mini-session.

Wedding updates

We have been planning the wedding and weekend details with Billy of Luxe Paris Events. As you may know, we chose our venue (the first one our planner showed us) on our first skype call with Billy.

He sent menus for two chefs that he recommended and we ended up moving forward with one of them.

After looking through vendor options, we chose furniture, flatware, dessert, and booked hair and makeup. Billy actually does all his own florals, so we’re going to do a test run a few weeks before the wedding. They will be – pause for shock – white and simple.

Since everyone is traveling all the way to Paris, we planned events two days before and one after our wedding–a welcome party, a special event (with dinner) the night before the wedding, and a post-wedding brunch.

I picked up my dress from Lovely in Chicago and tried it on one last time before my first fitting (next week). I can’t find wedding shoes because everything is really sparkly and that’s just not my thing. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d really appreciate some help.

I’ve been working with Minted on invites and they’re so close to being done. The Paris invites aren’t that necessary since my save the dates were texts and everyone has already booked their flights. The design is very simple–grey and letterpress. I love how they turned out.

Since our wedding is so small, we decided to buy napkins and have them monogrammed. Kara Anne gave us some beautiful options to choose from and has been so wonderful to work with.

A few weeks after we get back from Paris and Italy, we will be having a party in Chicago for family and friends. That party has been been so easy to plan and we can’t wait to celebrate with everyone.

We’ve avoided registering for as long as we can, but people are asking, so I guess it’s time. Any advice for me?

The biggest game changer in all of this was finding a great therapist a month ago. A friend recommended her and after the first session, I knew she would be the person to help me navigate everything.

Is there anything you loved or wish you had done differently during the wedding planning process?

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      1. I was in the same boat three years ago and ended up looking at non-traditional shoes, opting for a pair of nude Ferragamo jelly shoes. If you’re looking for white and simple, how about these by Stuart Weitzman? https://tinyurl.com/y8qdt2ju

  • I had sooo much trouble finding shoes for my wedding! I must have returned 5 pairs before deciding on Badgley Mischka’s Poise in Champagne. They have a shine to them but without all the bling and glitter.

  • Congrats again, Danielle! I have so enjoyed following your wedding planning and honesty throughout the entire process. You’re a beautiful soul.

    My sister just found her wedding shoes at LK Bennett! Comfortable, classic, not your typical wedding shoe and a princess Kate fav 😉 https://us.lkbennett.com/

    And…I LOVED those cute balloons on the boat! I’d love to find for my sisters celebration. Cheers!

      1. i originally wanted flats bc my husband is only a few inches taller than me…but i’m glad i did because i was so comfortable on my feet all day!

  • Ahh! So exciting Danielle, it’s coming up so fast! I feel like you have everything ready and planning. I’m also struggling finding wedding shoes, since I’m wearing a short dress it’s hard to decide!! If you find something, please share!! 🙂 I love the boat party, that’s so fun!

    xo, Sarah

  • I’m so excited to read all of your details, and can’t wait to see photos afterwards! A trend I’m seeing with my brides for wedding shoes is that they’re not wedding shoes per se, but perhaps what one might call an investment shoe that they can wear long after the wedding. For registries, the advice I always give to my couples is to give yourself an hour in the store(s) where you plan to register, take the wand and shoot away! Shoot anything that appeals to you, even if it’s 3 different coffee makers, shoot them all, then edit online when you’re home and comfortable and don’t feel the pressure of choosing just that one perfect thing in each category.

    So excited for you both! xo

  • Hi Danielle!

    You’r engagement party look magical and the balloons are adorable! I just sent you a message through your contact page! I am not sure what your dress is like but here are some wedding shoes options below:


    Imagine Vince Camuto ‘Devin’ Sandal
    ‘Hangisi’ Jewel Pump MANOLO BLAHNIK
    ‘licorice too’ pump KATE SPADE NEW YORK
    ‘Alera’ Pump PELLE MODA

    Best of luck with your search!!

  • I also had the sparkly wedding shoe dilemma! My dress is a bit Hollywood glam and we’re getting married in Colorado in October. So, after trying on half a dozen shoes, I went totally rogue and bought emerald green velvet Jimmy Choos. I love them and have received so many compliments at my fittings. Best part is, I know I’ll wear them again! Buy something that makes you happy 🙂

  • I would recommend finding a classic but unique shoe that you can wear past your wedding. I am also a neutral clothing lover (gray, navy, black and white) but opted for a pop of color with the shoes for my wedding… purple suede peep toe Louboutins. I wore them at my wedding, wear them to other fancy events, and can also throw them on to spice up a pair of jeans. And each time I put them on I’m super excited about the memories they bring back. Also, buy them with enough time to wear them in advance around your house. And, if they have slippery soles, take them somewhere where they can replace the soles with a thin rubber. It’s life changing for not sliding around with new shoes and lasts so much longer than a stick on gripper. And get these for the insides: http://stilettohardware.com/. Can’t wait to see what you pick!!

  • So beautiful! I purchased my wedding shoes from Sézane (for my winter wedding, they were simple golden flats), which is a Parisienne brand! The shipping to Canada was quick, the quality impeccable and they were SO comfortable. I just had a peak at their summer collection and there is a lot of very gorgeous styles in white, gold and nude available… good luck! L.

  • I did a courthouse wedding in an Alexis dress from Neimans. I wore the Stuart Weitzmans Nudisong in nude. They are the best to wear for the wedding and post wedding!

  • I’m so glad to hear that you’re in a better spot with wedding planning! I had a hard time with it too. Here’s my two cents on shoes and registering:

    For shoes, think of your dream shoes and buy those in a color that will work with your dress. I bought clog sandals (which probably isn’t your style) and was comfortable and happy. It doesn’t have to be “wedding”!

    For registering, Zola was amazing for us! They have a ton of great things from smaller/boutique places along with all the standard stuff. They can hold the funds that people contribute for specific gifts and you can redistribute them toward something different if you want. Also, they’ll ship when you’re ready.

    Good luck and best wishes!!

  • Your wedding sounds lovely and I am glad you are now enjoying the journey that is wedding planning. It can be so weird being the center of attention – I am with you on that! I had a question for you, if you don’t mind answering! Are you planning on doing gifts for the attendees? We are having a small, destination wedding too and I am struggling if giving a gift is more to travel with, or if not giving a gift is cheap. At the same time, I feel like the activities and dinner may be enough. I am very torn! I can provide my email if that is a better place to answer. 🙂 Also, we used blueprintregistry.com for our registry and really love it. We were avoiding it and didn’t really want to register either, so I felt like this was an understated way of doing it. Thanks Danielle and enjoy the next few months!

    1. Hi! We are planing events 2 nights before the wedding (a dinner and a cocktail party) and a post-wedding brunch. We will also have welcome bags (haven’t started on those) but that’s it. Am I supposed to do more than that?! I know nothing about any of this.

      1. Ha! I know nothing about this either. I feel like the party is the best gift! 🙂 I think a welcome bag is interchangeable with a gift. We aren’t even doing a welcome bag! OOPS! I hope you have a beyond amazing trip and wedding… all the best!

  • I am so right there with you! Got my dress from Lovely, haven’t registered yet, used Minted for invites and Save the Dates and am totally lost about shoes! Add to it that we are doing destination and getting married on the beach and I pretty much have to finalize the shoes now because how am I going to be able to find sandals in Chicago in January….