Where Should We Go On Our Honeymoon?

Had I planned a wedding in the states, I would have delayed our honeymoon. Since we’re getting married in Paris–something I’ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember–we plan on spending another week in Europe after the wedding.

I think we’ve narrowed down our honeymoon destinations to the South of France and Positano. I haven’t spend any time outside of Paris and have never been to the coast of Italy. And both look so romantic. We’ll be traveling just after peak season, so it will be a little cooler but still warm enough, and less crowded than usual, which is how we prefer to travel. If you haven’t noticed I’m pretty pale so laying out isn’t exactly my thing.

The South of France looks perfect.

Then there’s Italy. I’ve been to Rome, Florence, and Tuscany but have been dreaming of Amalfi for forever. Positano, Ravello, and Capri.

Should we go to Positano or the South of France? Where would you go on your honeymoon?

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  • Positano! I went in high school but my parents go every year- my mom lived there shortly after college, they went there on their honeymoon & have now gone yearly since being retired. They have friends there and I am jealous every. single. year.

    The South of France is also on my wishlist, so really you can’t lose. But the Amalfi Coast is so magical and I want to go back as an adult (and not as an awkward teenager with her parents!).

  • I’ve had my eye on Greece ever since my pre-teen self first saw Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. It’s definitely on my bucket list!
    But out of these 2 choices, I’d go with Italy!

  • We went on our honeymoon at the end of September and did a roadtrip from Florence to Tuscany and then ended in Positano. It was magical and the perfect blend of city/country/beach — we hired Katie of Ever After Honeymoons and she did the most incredible job helping us book everything! If you want any other recommendations in Italy (hotels, especially!) I’m happy to send you where we stayed!

  • I went to the Amalfi coast last October. Definitely recommend Capri, Ravello and Amalfi. Positano was honestly underwhelming to me. it was beautiful, just as in the photos that drew me there, but it was very commercialized/touristy. I would highly recommend Hotel Santa Caterina in Amalfi. Quissisana on Capri and Palazzo Avino in Ravello are also lovely, though I only visited/ate at the last two (did not stay there). I would jump at the chance to go back to Santa Caterina!

  • I’m heading to Positano in August and I am over the moon! It just looks beautiful.

    Not sure if you’re boat/cruise people, but maybe you can combine the two on a cruise or excursion and get the best of both worlds!

  • I have never been to the South of France so I can’t speak to it. But I did the Sorrento & the Amalfi coast a couple of years ago in May and it was absolutely perfect. I loved every minute of it and cannot wait to go back. Positano might be my favourite place on earth. It was breathtaking. I dream of the food I ate in Italy. Highly recommend.

  • It sounds like you’re going in September/October so you should enjoy the best weather! Either option is lovely, but you might also consider Croatia – it’s beautiful and offers the same types of activities you’d find on the Amalfi Coast or the south of France, but it’s less expensive so you can really splurge!

    Lindsay Jill

    1. Totally agree! I ADORED Croatia <3 I've been to Amalfi twice and similar to a reviewer below, it was underwhelming since it was overrun by tourists. But Maybe Ravello isn't that was as much? I only went to Sorrento, Capri & Positano. Croatia & The Cinque Terre were more charming to me 🙂

  • We went on our honeymoon to Italy. We went to Rome, Capri, and Positano. We went just before peak season so it was a little cold. I LOVED Capri. We stayed at a BNB at the top of a hill with a beautiful view. We almost cancelled the rest of our trip to stay in Capri. I’m glad we experienced Positano but if I could do it again I’d stay in Capri for as long as possible.

  • I vote Positano! I feel like everyone I know is traveling this year (but not me–sob!) and I have serious Italy travel envy (why is everyone going to Italy this summer??). But really, you can’t go wrong here, can you? Interested to hear what you pick!

  • I’m also planning my Honeymoon and we’re planning to visit the Amalfi Coast/Capri and Greece! There’s just something so old fashion and glamorous about the Amalfi Coast to me – I think it epitomizes a European Honeymoon. My husband-to-be and I have both traveled around Italy but haven’t visited the Amalfi Coast or Greece and wanted to go somewhere new to both of us. I don’t think you can go wrong with France or Italy but might be nice to go somewhere outside of France since you’re getting married there? Happy planning!

  • I can’t speak for the south of France but Amalfi and Capri are some of my all time faves! I would love to return for my honeymoon one day. In a way it seems like a more romantic, ancient version of the California coast. You’re also very close to Sorrento which is magical as well.

  • I’m currently in the middle of planning my honeymoon in Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast, but I would go back to the south of France in a HEARTBEAT. In a week, you can see several stunning towns. Spend a couple days in Nice, then stay in Cap d’Ail where you’ll eat in fabulous cliffside restaurants and can easily day trip to Monaco/Monte-Carlo. There’s also Grasse, with it’s gorgeous lavender fields and world class perfume and plenty of small coastal towns in between.

  • You should look into Cinque Terre… it’s very similar to the Amalfi Coast, but only a couple of hours by train from the South of France, so you could fit both into the same week. It’s 5 coastal towns that are linked by hikes with the most breathtaking views of the Mediterranean (or a train if you don’t want to hike). I visited in October and the weather was beautiful.

  • Positano and Almalfi and while you are there hit up Capri and Greece. Our ten year is coming up and Greece is our top contender for destinations.

  • I’ve been to Nice and it was absolutely stunning! While I have not been to the Amalfi coast I would probably still choose it because, to me, Italy just says romance and honeymoon 🙂

  • Hi Danielle. Congrats on your upcoming marriage! (We met at TSOS in LA) I’ve been to the Amalfi Coast twice: Both times we stayed in Praiano which is the town right next to Positano and it is PERFECT. A little sleepier, more authentic, less touristy, 2 AMAZING beach spots. One of them is featured in Gray Malin pictures (IL Pirata) and it takes 5 minutes by water taxi to get to Positano. The first time was with my husband for our 15 year anniversary. We stayed at the modern, beautiful, swanky, (expensive) Hotel Angelina and while our suite was lovely and the hotel was just as I described above–most of the staff was British…so not the authentic flavor we were craving. We left the hotel most days to explore other towns and search for authentic Italian food, coffee etc. That being said, we fell in LOVE with the Amalfi coast and more specifically, Praiano. Last summer I went with 3 other girlfriends to celebrate our 40th birthdays. This time we stayed at Tramonto d’oro in Praiano and it was PERFECT! Quintessential Italian welcome and experience. We chartered a boat both times and did a day trip to Capri. We went to Positano to shop, eat & drink at the highly overrated Le Sirrenuse hotel (The atmosphere is stunning…the food is mediocre), and fight the crowds and vendors begging you to eat at their restaurants and buy their souvenirs (this doesn’t happen in Praiano). We took a cooking class with the head chef at our hotel. One Fire Beach and IL Pirata were our absolute favorites for food, drink and stunning ocean views! Also, there is a restaurant in Praiano called Vivaro owned by Genaro–he owns, cooks and serves you a complete, amazing italian meal. There is no menu…just whatever is fresh from the market that day. It’s an amazing experience! All that said, you could not go wrong anywhere on the Amalfi Coast! It is my favorite place…EVER! Planning our return next year for my husband’s birthday.

  • I’d suggest Amalfi Coast! South of France is AMAZING, but I feel like it needs a lot more planning and driving from village to village isn’t the same relaxing feel as the Amalfi coast. Both trips you should 100% take, but for a honeymoon err on the side least amount of stress and most relaxation. Beach, boat rides, food, views- so romantic!