Getting Dressed Up

So, you know how I cleaned my closet out a year or so ago? I got rid of all the old pieces I never wore and never restocked dresses. Or tops. I need tops. Whenever something comes up–Easter, weddings, and most recently, Mother’s Day, I never have the right dress and find myself scrambling for something new last-minute. I bought this for a wedding earlier this year and spent an hour (ok three) scouring the internet for dresses last weekend.

There’s a huge sale at Neiman Marcus right now so I splurged on some nice dresses for upcoming events. There’s a wedding next weekend and I’ll need something white for a pre-wedding dinner. It is my hope hope that once I have a handful of dresses in my arsenal, I’ll be all set. Here’s what’s on my list plus a few extras, too.

Ali & Jay

Fit and Flare Dress

Only $128
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Halston Heritage

Satin Slip Dress

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Ministry of Style

Lace Dress

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  • When I started overhauling my wardrobe a few years ago, I made a point to make sure that I had items in my closet that I could dress up for a wedding, holiday, or any time when I need to be more polished. In the past, I always had to go shopping for an event but then never wore the item again because I didn’t love it like I loved the other pieces in my closet and I would eventually get rid of it. Now, I make a point to just get pieces that I love when I find them (even if I don’t have anywhere to wear them yet) so when I have an event or something come up, I already have something sitting in my closet to wear.