Find a Friend in Your City: April 2017

Earlier this year, I shared what might be my favorite post of all time. Connecting people is one of my favorite things to do and I know what it’s like to want/need new friends. Just 6 years ago I was leaving LA for Chicago–a city where I didn’t know anyone. And as luck would have it, I’ve met some of the most important people in my life online (like my business partner and other close friends).

So I decided to use my blog to help others connect, too.

This group got together in Chicago last month! I wanted to be there but got engaged the night before and Conor made plans for us that morning. There are now over 55 women who have connected here in Chicago! Amazing, right?

And we can’t forget the DC ladies! I also heard from two old interns in MN and OH who each made a new friend. 

So how does this work? It’s pretty simple.

Include your city IN CAPS (first) and a little bit about yourself and your instagram handle, too. Before posting, scroll all the way down and if you see your city, reply to that comment.

A big thanks to Emily and Kat for helping organize Chicago and DC and for the photos, too! If you meet anyone and hit it off please shoot me an email. I’d love to post another successful follow-up in a few months.

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  • OAKLAND, California! We moved here three years ago via Chicago. Would love to make more friends in the Bay Area! @haleytaylorstephenson

  • CHICAGO – moved here a year and a half ago via Oakland, Ann Arbor, DC and Houston (isn’t moving around what your 20s are for?) @thisisjro

    1. Also in Chicago!! Just moved here from the SF bay area for work about 5 weeks ago and only know a couple of people! Finally feeling settled in my Lincoln Park apartment and now I’m beyond ready to start meeting more people! I would be so interested in going to a dinner like the one you guys already had!

    2. I’m in the northern suburbs of Chicago but I would love to meet new people even if it’s downtown! @nsanhamel

    3. Also in Chicago! I’ve lived here for 8 years but majority of my close friends have since moved elsewhere. It’s to meet new people outside of work or school nowadays! @a_czerniak

    4. Chicago here as well! Coming up on 2 years this summer, currently in Wicker Park. I’d be super down to meet new people over dinner/drinks! @bethgeis

    5. Hi girls! I coordinated the first group get-together that Danielle mentioned above and our group is now at around 60 girls all looking to meet new friends in Chicago! Please join our Facebook group so that you’ll be aware of our upcoming events and feel free to join our first round of book club 🙂

    6. Hi from Chicago as well! I moved from Boston to Chicago almost a year ago and would love to meet everyone 🙂 @sara.susie is my IG

    7. Also in Chicago (Wrigleyville/Southport). I moved here last year after a brief stint in London. I’m looking forward to summer here and would love to meet some new people. IG @browneyedjayhawk

    8. Chicago (well suburbs) as well! I moved here in August 2016 for work after graduating from college at the University of Missouri (M-I-Z) my instagram is @kaitmwilliams 🙂

      1. Thanks for all the replies ladies! I followed everybody on Insta and would love to get together for brunch or dinner sometime in May. I will follow up with you guys once I get settled.

    1. Thanks for all the replies ladies! I followed everyone on Insta and would love to get together for brunch or dinner sometime in May. I will follow up with you guys once I get settled.

    2. Hi Ladies! I know I’m a little late to the party here but just saw this on Danielle’s Insta stories this morning so figured I’d reach out. I just moved to NYC in October and would love to connect! Feel free to message me if anyone would like to meet up for coffee or a happy hour or something – so glad patio season’s almost here 🙂 @mcgauthier

      1. Hi Michelle! Just followed you on Insta. I would love to get together for coffee or happy hour when I get to NYC!

  • CHAPEL HILL, North Carolina! I’ve been living in the area for less than a year and have recently started my own blog! Would love an opportunity to meet some fellow boss babes out there in the Triangle/NC area! @thedoctorette

    1. Hey there! I’ll be moving to DURHAM, NC from Chicago in June and won’t know anyone. Would love to meet people in the area once I’m there. 🙂

    2. Hey Nicole, I live in Raleigh but work on the edge of Chapel Hill and Durham. I have lived here for just over two years and love it. Would love to meet for coffee or happy hour : ) @mkbruin

    3. Hi Nicole/Melissa/Amy! I’m living in Raleigh right now, working in Chapel Hill, and probably moving to Durham in the summer. I grew up in the area and went to UNC, but a lot of my friends have left the Triangle and would love to get together and meet some new pals! @moeiburke on insta!

  • SEATTLE! My husband is from here but I’m from Austin, Texas. I love it here but would love some more friends! @tarbo328

    1. I’m in Seattle too! I moved here at the beginning of the year and would love to meet more friends in the city! @rosemarykp

      1. I moved to Seattle this past September and work a ton so I haven’t had time to meet too many friends yet! @jayquelin20

        1. I just moved to Seattle this past January from New York! Always fun to meet new people – @gjacobs15

          1. It looks like I should have moved to Seattle (instead of San Francisco)! Look at all of these fabulous ladies in Seattle! I am coming up to visit in June and always consider moving to Seattle or Chicago (even though, yes, I did just move to San Francisco!).

    2. I’m moving to Seattle from New Orleans in July and would love to find some new friends in the area. @erikalund33

    3. Has this happened? I moved to Seattle in October and would love to meet some new people 🙂 @stinamarie101

      1. Hey! Rosemary and I have gotten together a couple of times but we should definitely all hang! Unfortunately I’m pretty crammed for the rest of May but once June rolls around let’s make it happen!

    4. Another Seattleite here (and a little late to this thread)! I’d love to connect – moved here from Nashville last summer. @mariaxu61

  • LOS ANGELES – Hi! Any LA gals here? Another girl and I from the previous post are planning to get together soon, join us!!

    Find me: @sallyfreeeman on insta 🙂

    1. Hi Sally- I live on the Westside and would love to get together on a weekend. Find me on insta @annasilk

    2. LA gal here! I’d love to join your meetup if it hasn’t already happened yet! 🙂

      on insta @jessimac17

  • WACO, TX – this may be a long shot, but I’d love to know if there are any Wacoans out there! I’m a small business owner, golden retriever mom, and an avid lover of margaritas and chips and salsa. My Instagram handle is @bonniejoymarie, and I’d love to connect with y’all!

  • NASHVILLE, TN – Hi friends! I’m a freelance writer. I’ve lived here for almost two years & am still totally smitten with the city! I’d love to meet up with any other Nashville gals sometime soon 🙂

    1. Hi Jennifer! I’m not in the area yet but will be moving there this summer as my husband just got a job in Spartanburg. Would love to meet up with you when I move! My Instagram is @bylauraroseb

  • NASHVILLE, TN… hi everyone, I recently just uprooted my life and moved to Nashville for a new adventure. Would love to explore the the city and meet some new gal pals!!! @awilkin21

  • EAST COSTA MESA/NEWPORT CALIFORNIA- (Orange County) My husband and 3 little girls just relocated to the area from Chicago (we were there for 14years!) we are enjoying it here but I would love to connect and meet some friends here as well. 🙂

      1. Hi Vaneesha! I am in Irvine but am originally from Minnesota. I love meeting midwest transplants out here in SoCal. Would love to connect! k_cole on IG.

  • PHOENIX – I’ve lived in AZ my whole life, but after graduating from journalism school in May most of my friends moved across the country for media jobs. I’m a content writer at FinTech company and love sit in coffee shops (although I drink tea), try new restaurants and mosey around farmers markets! IG – @angieschuster

  • WASHINGTON, DC or ALEXANDRIA, VA – I would love some new girl friends and as a nanny sometimes it’s a struggle to meet people over the age of 10 – Instagram @myczarina !

    1. I’m in DC/Arlington as well! I, too would love to make some new friends. I’ve lived here for 7 years, but most of my close girlfriends have left the area and moved away. I love trying the new restaurants, barre classes, baseball games and exploring the city. Insta: @mmandym

      1. I’m over in Falls Church – super close to Arlington. I’m a grad student at George Mason and would LOVE to connect with you guys. insta: tanz476

          1. Hey Morgan, I just sent you an IG message so check there and be sure to check your second tab in case you don’t see it! kat

          2. I am super late to the game but I would love to meet new people in DC! Instagram: @rorylyl

  • PHILADELPHIA, PA- Hi ladies! Any Philly gals? I moved here from Florida about a year ago and would love to connect with some new people! @misscaitlinmac

  • NASHVILLE, TN- Hi! I very recently moved to Nashville. I’m a Nurse Practitioner and would love to meet some girls to explore with! Find me on IG @eenerac

  • WALNUT CREEK, CA – Hi! I grew up in the area and graduated college a couple years ago then became a nanny. Most of my friends have moved away and I would to love to meet some more girls to grab coffee, lunch, shop and find some adventures in the Bay Area! @michellecuevas_

    1. Hi! My name is Ashley and I’m graduating from college this May and am moving to San Jose full-time in July! I have some family in Piedmont and I know one girl who will be in my work program and two people from college, but I would love to make some new friends when I move out there! My instagram is @ashhammel!

  • CHARLOTTE, NC. I moved here about a year ago not knowing a SOUL and am in love with this city but would love to meet some other girls! I love eating and having adventures and traveling. My insta is angie_kao :):)

  • PORTLAND, OR – I’ve lived here my whole life but would love to make some new friends to check out fun restaurants and go wine tasting with! My IG is @taytay2983

    Anyone in the Twin Cities? Would love to grab coffee and meet some new people! Insta tayloramber09

  • BOSTON, MA- Finishing up my B.A. in Broadcast Journalism. I’ll be here over the summer! I’ve never been in Boston in the summer, so I’m excited to see my favorite neighborhoods during the long, warm season and drink tons of iced coffee! My Instagram is melanie_camacho 🙂

    1. I’m in Boston! I would love to meet up, I just moved here last year from Wisconsin! my instagram handle is @ashvickney

  • MILWAUKEE, WI- Just moved to the midwest from Texas! Would love to get to know some new people in the area! Insta: @mollypinera

  • ATLANTA, GA – I just moved here from Colorado, but I’m originally from DC! I didn’t know anyone when I moved here but work as an event planner! Insta: @hjnowack

    1. Second call for ATLANTA! Im originally from south Florida but have been living in Atlanta for 2 1/2 years. @jennifergioia

  • GRIFFITH, IN-close to Chicago, but would love to meet someone in/near NW Indiana. Insta: @rhiannonbuehne

  • SAN FRANCISCO// I’ve just moved to San Francisco from LA. Prior to that, I was in NYC for 7 years. Midwestern born & raised, University of Georgia grad loving being back in a city (after NYC) again. As much as I love being near my family, I am just not a So Cal gal, hence the move to SF! Would love to meet some new friends. IG: @sjv214.