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2017 no. Six

On March 11, Conor asked me to marry him. He followed the proposal with drinks and dinner, a surprise engagement party, a brunch with friends, and we flew to Lisbon and Porto, Portugal later that evening. It’s been one of the best weeks of my life–a whirlwind for sure! Thank you all so, so much for the love and excitement you’ve shown us.

I’ve written about my complicated family dynamics–specifically my strained relationships with my parents–in the past. It’s been an incredible week but big events like this have a way of bringing those things to the surface. I’m happier than I’ve ever been and don’t feel ready to go into detail, but wanted to say something for those of you who might be struggling with something similar. This is also a reminder that not everything is as exactly as it might seem on instagram.

Knowing I’m marrying into a really wonderful family along with the love and support of my closest friends, my fiancé, and all of you, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

Here’s one of my favorite photos from the evening we got engaged, shot by one of my best friends, Emilia (of Emilia Jane Photography). Read the whole story here.

It was important to me that we document one of our trips with something better than an iPhone photo, so I booked a mini session with The Barille’s in Lisbon (before we were engaged) and received a sneak peek over the weekend. I loved shooting with them and can’t wait to share more photos with you!

The Everygirl office kitchen remodel is complete and we’re having our office party just 2 nights after returning from Portugal. Looking forward to celebrating and catch up with friends but mostly just hope I won’t fall asleep mid-party.

And we’re almost ready to share the very big and exciting thing we’ve been working on the past few months for The Everygirl with all of you.

Friday night we’ll be at PAWS Animal Magnetism. This is my 2nd year on the board and committee–it’s such a fun night and a chance to make a real difference by supporting this organization. For those of you in Chicago, I hope to see you there!

Ready for two weeks at home before heading to California for Katie’s wedding. I ordered this dress in navy which isn’t as it looks and is very flattering. Until then, diving back into work, catching up wtih friends, and lots of workouts.

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  • Weddings are many things to many people, and while weddings are joyful and beautiful they unfortunately have a way of underscoring the painful parts of our families. I don’t have a solution to fix that, but I do recommend surrounding yourself with your close girlfriends, new in-laws, etc. for support and celebration (your wedding “tribe”, to use an overused term) through the planning process. I bet they’ll be over the moon to rally around you with love!

    xx Jean

  • Danielle, you touch on something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately: the tendency to describe our lives in this upward trajectory narrative, as in “something was bad, but then I moved/found love/started a new career/ran a marathon/fill in the blank and everything has just gotten better since!” And the truth is, that’s just not where most of us live. New, good things come into our lives but that doesn’t mean that all the difficult things just disappear; the good exists alongside the hard–it doesn’t replace it. Or one difficult thing disappears, and a new problem appears to take its place. You’re right that social media can make this worse–when our own lives don’t match someone else’s upward trajectory, it can feel like failure and loss. So I really appreciate you acknowledging that Instagram always only tells one tiny fraction of any story.

    But also: a huge congratulations to you and Conor! Your pictures are gorgeous, and I hope this trip kicks off a really wonderful engagement period–enjoy it.

  • I lost my mother when I was 23 years old. Milestone are always tough. Thank you for being open and honest here and for sharing your journey.

    Congratulations on your engagement!

  • I feel like we have so much in common! How we met our men, our strained family dynamic (I have totally thought about the slight feeling of stress that will come post-bliss engagement), and obviously our love for pups and neutrals. 🙂

    Anyway, congratulations to you both! These photos are to die for! Enjoy every second and don’t stress, it all works out in the end x