Living Room Update

Moving 6 times in 6 years will teach you a thing or two about making a new place feel like home. But living through construction and not having furniture or a kitchen for 2 months is a lesson in patience–especially for someone who usually unpacks within 24 hours. Years ago, I would have completely freaked out about not having everything done right away. This time around, I missed cooking and having a place that feels like home but have been (mostly) going with it. It’s almost like I’m breezy.

Decorating with Conor has been really easy. His mom has incredible taste and has redone a almost a dozen homes since Conor was a kid, and his dad is a furniture designer and antiques dealer, so interior design is basically in his blood. Sure, it’s involved some compromises, but that’s life, right? And if one of us doesn’t like something, it’s immediately taken off the table and we move on. Except for the coffee table that Conor ordered before we planned on moving in together–the one with the glass top that smudges when you so much as look at it. It’s a beautiful piece but the fingerprints drive me crazy.

I hope to to do a better job of documenting the decorating process moving forward since it’s been slower than usual, making changes easier to see. And considering the comments on Monday’s post, this seems like something most of you want to read out. So I I thought I’d share the progress and plans for our living room which should really start to transform over the next few weeks.

The Sofa(s)
Featuring a sofa from The Everygirl’s collaboration with Interior Define was an easy decision. Since I had already featured our Caitlin sofa in white, I talked to the team at ID and we decided it would be best if I featured the sofa in a new color, so Conor and I decided on dark grey. Considering this post and the fact that I was going for something different, grey seemed like the way to go. And the dark contrast made the most sense against the light floors and white walls.

When our new sofa arrived, we put the old one on the other side of the coffee table (temporarily with plans to sell or store it) and after a few days, realized that having two sofas was sort of perfect. So we ordered second Caitlin sofa from Interior Define which should be here late next month.

The room still needed an armchair, and we narrowed it down to two that are quite different from one another. The RH Lyon chair and this Rove Concepts Flag Halyard chair. After going back and forth, we ultimately decided on the Halyard since it makes much more of a statement, and it will probably be a cozier reading spot. It should arrive in 2 weeks!

Window Hardware
Most of our hardware is black/bronze, so we tried to do something different and ordered brass hardware for our windows. The guys installed it while we were in California and I just couldn’t get on board, so we took it down, returned it, and ordered these curtain rods from Rejuvenation. They should arrive Monday, and I’ve had sheer linen curtains waiting to go up for over a month. I feel like the curtains are going to transform the room.

A Budget-Friendly Rug
We went with my go-to jute rug, which I got on sale for closer to $300–such a good price for an 8×10 rug. They’re not the softest but are much softer than sisal. I think it’s pretty comfortable, very durable, and the price can’t be beat.

TV Stand
When it came to our TV, we (ok, Conor) were back and forth between not having a TV (nope), wall mounting with nothing underneath (too high), a vintage console (aesthetically what we both wanted but too high), or something low and modern. Neither of us wanted to draw a lot of attention to the television, so we decided on my old media console since it has clean lines that will sort of blend in with the room.

Since I sold my last one, we had to reorder it but used a 15% off coupon that came in the mail, and it should be here late January/early February. The TV is currently on my old coffee table with wires everywhere, so I’m hopeful that this piece will make a pretty big difference, too.

Neither of us wanted a gallery wall, but we’ve decided on a “grouping” behind the TV–maybe 3-4 pieces, inspired by a really simple, minimalist wall at The Apartment by The Line NYC. We also need a piece above the sofa but haven’t found anything (and almost everything isn’t in our budget) so we’ll take our time until we find the right piece for the right price. We’re looking at some Minted art and a few other budget-friendly sites, so I’ll post more about those soon!

We’re still looking for throw pillows, a side table–ideally wood to bring in a natural element and something that isn’t black or white, and some plants I can’t kill. I think we’ll see a lot of progress over the next few weeks.

And as a side note, thank you all for the comments, insight, and for sharing a bit more about yourselves on Monday. I honestly thought I’d get maybe 10 comments and not 50+ so really, thank you! My week has been sort of crazy but I plan on really going through everything this weekend.

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  • Thanks for sharing the progress on your living room! I certainly hope your old marble coffee table gets a second life elsewhere in the apartment! I’d love to see a post on your process in choosing art, especially focusing on budget-friendly resources. I’m often at a complete loss on what to choose in terms of size or what to pair together when doing some kind of grouping. I’m also all for non-gallery wall options. I do like a gallery wall, but find I’m being more drawn to a slightly more minimal take on art–they also just aren’t always feasible, especially when renting.

  • I spy faux greenery on the bottom summary pic – does that mean your fiddle leaf fig in your living room is faux? If so, can you share the link?! I have a 9 foot fiddle leaf now, but moving into a place with lower ceilings so need a new one (and getting a real on in a pain, to deliver and keep alive)! Thanks, xo

  • The living room is coming together so well! I know how stressful it can be to move – I slept on an air mattress for 2 weeks when I moved to Austin from New York! Not fun, but it makes you appreciate the small things. Hope you have a great weekend!

  • I can’t wait to see how this comes together. Thanks for posting on the process. The coffee table does look gorgeous, but I would go crazy too with the smudging! My eyes keep looking up at the crown molding on the ceiling! It’s gorgeous!

    1. The smudging drives me insane! I clean it at least once a day. Not what I would have chosen (based on the mirrored top) but the style and shape are perfect for this space.

      I love the molding and am so glad we added that ceiling medallion!

  • It’s been so fun to watch this come together and see how your style has changed over the course of all of the moves! Everything you’ve selected is amazing, especially that Flag Halyard chair. We installed one at a clients and I think it’s one of my favorite pieces! For throw pillows you should look into doing some custom covers. Since everything else is pretty clean lined, you could add some interest with a fun leather trim, but still keeping the fabric textured and neutral. My girl Liisa from Solid and Pattern [local rep] also has some great pre-made covers that I think you’d like! Good luck!

    1. Thanks, Ashley! We’re really excited about the chair! It’s different from what I’d normally choose but will be so perfect in this space.

      Thanks for the pillow suggestion, too! I’ve found a few I like and hope to find more shops since I’d like to find ones that are easy for readers to purchase. And hopefully on the budget-friendly side, too!

  • Love these types of post! Your living room looks gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing it all come together! Art is so hard to choose, can’t wait to see your post on budget friendly sites