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2016 no. 4


As our business has grown, it’s something we’ve done less and less of, and it takes me back to when we first started and shot almost everything ourselves. Crazy how much our job(s) have changed the past few years. Earlier this week, she reorganized/styled her office for an article on The Everygirl and I stopped by to photograph it (and talk about work and life). We’re in a really good place and have been having lots of long conversations about where we want things to go in 2016. Excited for what’s in store.

Our travel schedules are slightly insane through summer. Allyson and I each have one international trip, I’m in the process of planning a second and we have 4 work-trips (+ 2 more pending). It’s going to be crazy but we’ve got this and I’m going to be a capsule-packing professional.

I survived Whole30 and aside from the half a paleo cookie I ate earlier this week, didn’t cheat at all. I’m talking no wine, sugar, or anything not whole30 approved for 30 days. I don’t feel different physically, but my cravings have completely changed. I no longer want the pizza I planned on ordering Jan 31 and don’t even want gummy candies or licorice so it’s almost like I’m a whole new person. I do still want so much wine in Argentina. And empanadas.

I hosted a shopping night for a few friends at the new Journelle store here in Chicago. The ladies who work there made the process fun and completely painless and I walked away with two pretty bras and a lacy camisole pajama set.

My favorite bedding is 30% off!

I hate small talk and don’t usually enjoy conferences but but last weekend’s ORD Camp was fantastic. I was sure I wouldn’t stay very late but went both days and stayed until 3:30 AM on day 2. I love getting to know people and talk about real issues/life/work and that’s exactly what this was all about. One of my favorite sessions was “should I have a kid?” which was one of the more interesting conversations I’ve been a part of.

I’ve been feeling sort of off lately and am looking forward to the weekend. Double date with one of my favorite couples tonight, friendship date with Jessie tomorrow, a friend’s 30th tomorrow night, lots of relaxing, a littel blogging, yoga, and getting ready for my trip. Because one week from now I’ll be in SOUTH AMERICA!

I’ve been enjoying this blogging thing but need more topics to write about because after a month of writing I’m starting to feel stuck. So for anyone who has come back more than once, would you be so kind and tell me a little about yourself, why you’re reading this, and what you want me to write about? Thank you!

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  • So, I read your blog Danielle because the content on The Everygirl is really cool, inspiring with career info-perspectives and full of good ideas. I like hearing about what is going on for those career women living in Chicago. It’s a city that I need to visit soon—only been there once, so long ago:( and when we drove through 2 summers ago I wanted to stop for sure ha–it didn’t happen. Anyway, I like that you write what you feel like sharing. Love the photos around your home too!

  • Hi Danielle, Congrats on completing Whole 30! That’s really an accomplishment, I’m soooo excited for you for you to see Argentina!!! I was there in my early twenties and loved it!!! Wine, wine, wine!!!! I read your blog regularly now after being an Everygirl reader for about a two years. I read yours, The Everygirl, Cupcakes and Cashmere, Somewherelately and one called It’s The Little Things almost everyday, mostly for the content and relatability. If I were writing a blog and feeling a little stuck I think I would write about things like a look forward to spring bit, maybe something new for the home for spring or for the closet or looking forward to going to an outside restaurant. Also maybe a bit with a friend, maybe someone else who has blog or just a friend a short bit about you guys and why you’re friends and them some random ten questions, could be fun. Home stuff is always the best for me, West Elm’s spring catalog is out and it’s gorgeous with plants everywhere. Anything about new beauty products I LOVE to read, I just tried a sample of a Tata Harper product Nordstrom sent me and I’m in love. You’ll have so much content form Argentina you definitely won’t be stuck, post Argentina high is what you’ll be!!! Obviously I’m bored at work this morning and have had too much coffee (I work from home too so no one is every looking over my shoulder so I love reading blogs during downtime).

  • I also started reading your blog just a few weeks ago after realizing half my bedroom and living room inspiration pins were from your house tours! I would also love to hear more about your friends, how you get through long winters, tips for being productive, life hacks you’ve discovered… Can’t wait to hear about Argentina!
    I’d love to get a better sense of your personality and your voice through your blog, maybe through reading more about your experience from your perspective: for Whole 30, for example, how did it feel when you snuck the Paleo cookie? Was it a ton of cooking so that you ever regretted it? As a reader, I’m so intimidated by Whole 30 so those sorts of insights are helpful to me!
    Maybe some silly comments. I tend to read blogs where the writers are a bit more self-deprecating (in a "you’re so relatable" way, not an overly hard on themselves way :)).
    The aesthetic is gorgeous, and I appreciate your blog! Thank you!

  • Hi Danielle,
    Have followed your blog for such a long time now – pre Everygirl!
    I love your taste in home decor, so I always like to see apartment photos and the design process/how a room comes together.
    Would love to see some behind the scenes info about the day-to-day work involved with the The Everygirl, how do you find the women you feature on the site, where do you come up with the content ideas, etc? Will The Everygirl be starting a podcast or youtube channel? If you haven’t seen her videos, I think you’d like the aesthetic of Mimi Ikonn’s videos on youtube. Would love to see some travel/life hack videos from The Everygirl.
    Do you have any favourite youtube channels or podacasts that you listen to and would recommend?
    Am also curious to know which blogs/websites you tend to visit every day? I love to hear what other people are listening to, reading, watching, etc.
    Love your blog!

  • I found your blog through The Everygirl and have been a reader for a while. I feel like I connect with your blog more than others because we are similar in age, and we both live in Chicago. I admire the honesty you show in your blog, while also maintaining a certain level of privacy. A lot of your posts (and The Everygirl’s) have led me to explore different brands, home decor options, ways of living, ways of thinking, etc. I think part of that is because a lot of the things you post about feel accessible to me, both personally and financially.

    I’d love to know more about your favorite places in the city, favorite activities in the area, more inspiration-related posts, and I also love a good tried-and-true recipe sometimes.

  • I also found you through The Everygirl. I started following that because I was new to the work force/office life/starting my career. Then I started following this blog once I knew I was moving to Chicago for a job. I love reading blog posts about home decor, travel, career advice, community events, and I like getting to know the personality of bloggers through their posts. Always look forward to yours!

  • Hey Danielle! Love your blog and all the content this month! Found your blog and instagram through the Everygirl (which is one of the best sites out there). Love all the photos of Buddy! I have two puppies myself. Your home style is amazing! I love all the white, although I fear with two dogs with a dog door my house would be a complete disaster if it was all white. A girl can dream though!

    I would love to see some details about your favourite camera equipment, tips on how you take such amazing photos. I love the home decor posts and recipes, especially the whole 30/paleo recipes!

    Hope you have a great trip!

  • Hi Danielle!!
    I’m in my early 20’s from LA and have been reading your blog for a while now…I started pre-Everygirl during the original Breakfast at Toast days! I have to say that my favorite thing about your blog is your style of writing. I love when you do casual diary style entries like these and would love to hear more posts of what you get up to day to day including your thoughts on books you’re reading, tv shows you’re watching, and any movies (from netflix or in theatres) you’ve seen.

    I also like Julie L’s idea of seeing photos/reading about some of the behind the scene’s action of photo-shoots, features, and how you choose content for TEG.

    And I always love seeing recipes and, of course, your home decor!

    I’ve been loving everything so far this month and am looking forward to hopefully seeing photos and hearing about your trip! 🙂

  • I have been reading your blog for a few years and just love reading it! Your decor is inspiring and am in awe of how you an Alaina have created this fabulous job/career for yourselves. If only I was as brave as you when I was your age. I had all these creative dreams but never acted upon them!

  • Hi! I’m waiting patiently for the next post about you moving so I can take over your current lease! I teach Spanish at a preschool in Lincoln Park but only so I can buy pretty neutral things, eat and travel. I’m also working on a capsule wardrobe so I’m really looking forward to your insight. Write about whatever you want. This is your blog!

  • Hi I’m Felicia :). Love reading about your journey and just the everyday-ness of your posts. Buddy is adorable and I’m so impressed with the every girl! Seriously has made me want to start blogging and work on my little invite design business Ciao Bella Letter Shop. Can’t wait to see more of your photos and design work, and of course anything you want to write about! Xo! -Felicia 🙂

  • Hi Danielle,
    I am Rachel. I’ve been reading for a while now, and I have to say that you and Alaina both inspired me to start my own blog – so thank you :). I believe I found this blog (then named Breakfast at Toast) through the Everygirl and have stayed because I really enjoy your perspective. I admire the dream, kick-ass careers that you and Alaina have been able to build for yourselves, but I also really appreciate how you share the bits and pieces of your life that aren’t quite so romantic. I find that your blog and posts often share more of a complete picture, something that both inspires AND grounds me… something that unfortunately quite a lot of bloggers lack. I appreciate the balance that you provide, and, as a dog person, I adore seeing little Buddy and your impeccable sense of style. I personally would love to learn more about the volunteering you’re currently doing with PAWS and how others can get involved if they aren’t in Chicago. And of course anything business related that you’re willing to share. Thanks! Oh and have an AMAZING trip 🙂

  • Hi Danielle, my name’s Maura. I’m a 29 year old cardiology nurse practitioner living in Boston. I’ve been reading your blog for a couple years now (pre-TEG) and what I love most about both your online space(s) is really how they allow me to explore a more creative side of myself – not often afforded at work. (though I do believe nursing is often equal parts art and science!)

    I also really enjoy (and this goes for my other favorite blogs as well) the snippets into your day-to-day or the "If we were having coffee today…" kind of posts. In a sea of beautiful blog pictures and well coifed instagram posts with minimal comments (don’t me wrong, I love those too!), it’s refreshing to find a blog that’s real and relatable bc as 20-30-40 year olds (and even beyond) we’re all going through similar roller coasters of emotions, and work-life-personal-dating ups and downs.

    Have a blast in Argentina! Can’t wait to read all about it!