Things I Like No. 4


It’s finally Friday after what felt like the longest week ever. Lots of exciting things have happened recently but it’s honestly felt like a little too much and I’m completely exhausted. The lack of sleep is getting to me and I’m ready for a low-key weekend at home. So let’s end this week with a little positivity. Because there’s been some serious progress on the kitchen, all our boxes are finally unpacked, the Cubs won the World Series, and our new rescue dog is home for good.

I announced the adoption of our new rescue dog who we named Fitz before getting to know the little guy. His name was Tucker before we got him, and his foster mom mentioned (multiple times) that she thought we shouldn’t change his name since he was so responsive to Tuck. So we decided not to change it after all and are sticking with Tucker. Minus his pretty intense separation anxiety, everything’s been going well. He barks nonstop when we leave which I know will get better, but if anyone has any tips or tricks that might help, I’d be very grateful.

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Conor and I live together. Having never lived with anyone before, this feels like such a huge step, and I love that we now call the same place home. I’ll try to write more about this but it’s honestly been a pretty easy transition, so I’m not sure I have much to report. Suppose that’s a good thing.

The Everygirl has a new November 30 day challenge! Hope you’ll join us!

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Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

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  • This is a ridiculously simple suggestion, but my dog had the WORST separation anxiety. She would bark the full work day and would try to run out the door when I was leaving to go anywhere. She’s also obsessed with treats….so I started a routine of going to the front door, saying goodbye, and tossing a treat to the other side of the room. She would always run after it, and it seemed to distract her enough that she forgot to get upset when I walked out – maybe because she didn’t see me actually leave since she was racing after the treat. Definitely didn’t cure it all the way at first, but now she’s perfectly fine. I still always throw the treat though!

    1. Agree with Jessica’s comment. Our pup has separation anxiety too, and we always give a treat when we leave. Of course, having routines really helps. So, for instance, trying to leave around the same time each day (which I realize may not work since you are an entrepreneur and work for yourself) and giving the same treat each time you leave, and only using that particular treat when you are leaving (i.e., use other treats for other occasions). The treat method was actually recommended to us by our vet. After about a month or two, Tucker will know to associate you leaving with that one particular yummy treat. Our vet suggested a little bit of peanut butter in a Kong toy, which is something Tucker will have to work at to eat and hopefully can distract him from you leaving. We didn’t end up doing the peanut butter but a homemade chicken jerky instead. But yes, like Jessica said, we’d always throw it to the other side of the room (and even sometimes give it to him in the bedroom) so that our pup wouldn’t witness us leaving. Oh and one last thing: when you are getting ready to leave, get dressed/ready as calmly as possible. I find that my pup’s anxiety about being left behind goes up when I’m flying around the room trying to rush to get out the door. Hope this helps, and good luck!! Tucker and Buddy are so special <3

      1. Thanks, Nina! I do give him his kong and he happily runs to his crate every time he sees it. But once he’s done, or any time I’m not in the room, he sort of freaks out. We’re working on it though. And that last tip is a good one. He can’t see me rush around for my keys or he gets REALLY stressed. Poor guy.

  • My former roommate had a dog with severe separation anxiety and the treat throwing was our go-to strategy as well!

  • I have a friend that uses the “thunder shirt” for her dogs separation anxiety and it worked for her. I think they have a good return policy if it doesn’t work. Tucker is precious and I’ve been a long time fan of Buddy’s. All good wishes for you in your new home.

  • I have rescued a few dogs with separation anxiety and just so you don’t get in trouble with the barking in your apartment, you could try the Citronella bark collar for now till the situation improves (from amazon) No shocking, just sprays citronella so they will stop barking. I did a lot of crate training with my dogs when they would destroy the house when I left over separation anxiety. Make their crate a happy place- never use it for punishment. put a nice bed and when youre home during the day, invite them in and give them a treat and praise them. try ten minutes at a time and build up to an hour at a time. I found this really helps them to understand that you’re not leaving them for good and they’re safe and happy in the interim!

    1. I used that with Buddy over a year ago and can’t seem to find it, so I actually ordered a new one today. I’m hoping it’ll help! Don’t want to be those neighbors. 🙂