Moving In


I have some exciting news that I’ve been meaning to share. And now that I’m a few weeks away from a big change, it’s time for an update! 

Last spring, Conor sold his place and started looking at new ones right away, including me in the search for his new home with the thought that I’d move in with him eventually. He’d stay with me for 2-3 months until the new place was finished early this summer. It’s September, he’s still here, and we’ve loved living together.

Even if you’re not a rocket scientist, you probably know where this is going.

A few months ago, we decided that the timing was right for us, and that his new place would be our new place. And in just a few short weeks, Conor and I will move into our new home! I’m excited for these herringbone floors, but more than anything, can’t wait for us to take this next step together, and to make this new place our home. And I can finally share some design updates because we’ve been deciding on paint colors (white and grey, obviously), hardware, a new bed, and lighting among a million other design decisions.

Have you lived with a significant other? I’d love to know when/how you decided to move in and the biggest lesson learned! 

PS If you’re in Chicago and are looking for furniture and home decor, email me with the subject line “MOVING SALE”
Photo via Nicolas Schuybroek is not of our place (still so crazy saying “our place”), but we’re going for that aesthetic

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  • SO jealous of those floors!!! My boyfriend and I have been living together for almost 2 and a half years now. 1 year in a one bedroom apartment and the rest in our first house. So far the biggest issues have been wanting to do so much to update the home aesthetically but having major pitfalls show up (like needing a new furnace and A/C unit instead). Furniture and other bigger purchases will have to wait! The decor aspect has been super easy. He trusts my design sense and has been there to “approve” every decision I’ve made for each room of our home. He’s usually a little skeptical because he doesn’t have an artist’s brain like me, so it’s hard for him to visualize; but once he sees the final product he really ends up loving it.

  • Woo, so exciting! Pete and I met back in college and he started staying with me after a few months. I had a roommate at the time and once our lease was up we went our separate ways. We did a little stint at his mom’s house (for a few months) before we moved into another apartment with one of his best friends (for a year). How we survived that time is beyond me! After that we made the move to Kansas City where we finally had a place to ourselves for four years and now we’re here in Chicago (in a much, much smaller apartment). He likes to watch TV before bed and I like to read or just lay in silence. We agree, no TV in the bedroom, but I also know he may not come to bed right when I do and that’s okay.

  • I absolutely adore herringbone floors! Congrats on the big move. Now, I’m sure you’re able to secure me US citizenship so I can move to the states and into your old apt, right? You can leave all the furniture. Super, thanks!
    Looking forward to the new design plans.

  • So exciting for you! I’ve been living with my boyfriend of two years since February. We decided to move in partly out of convenience (I was here all the time anyway!) and it just felt right. I moved into the place that he owns, and honestly, it’s been so great. We made sure to talk a lot beforehand about our expectations.. I didn’t want it to feel like I was just in “his” space but I also didn’t want him to feel like I was taking over the place. It’s kind of a pain to have to combine furniture, and I don’t love all of what he owned already, but at the end of the day it’s doesn’t really matter! You guys will love it.

  • Congrats!! That’s so exciting! I moved in with my now husband when my lease was up. I got a promotion which required me working different hours so the timing just worked! Biggest thing about living with a boy is there isn’t a lot of alone time. That was tough for me in the beginning! And sharing the remote and recording my trashy tv shows because he hated watching them!!

  • So exciting! My boyfriend and I moved in together about 2 years ago and I think the most exciting thing for me was combining our art collections and hanging art together. Makes it feel like a home.

  • Oh it is exciting! If you’ve been staying together already it’s obviously the best decision:) if you aren’t taking the horse picture and are thinking of selling id love it. Or if you’ve linked where you’ve gotten it – I’d love to purchase it!

  • Oh my gosh Danielle,
    Let me start with I absolutely love your style in decoration and arrangement in your home currently and your previous homes. I love your neutrality in use of colors and use of organics in to incorporate life into your space. But oh my gosh girl! I’m in absolute love with the room above, immediately calming, fresh light, plush and also rustic. Its so inviting and so nice! I even like the hint of the chandelier we are getting from the giant mirror over the mantel that looks original to the space. Beautiful! As for moving in with a significant other, go for it! you have nothing to lose! Especially if you will regret not giving it a shot if you don’t do it. Good Luck and please post more pictures of this amazing space!

  • So exciting! Cannot wait to see you transform this space.

    I’ve been living with my now-husband for about 4 years, and the biggest piece of advice that I carry came from my mom. I am VERY type A about a clean/organized home (down to how I like the blanket folded on the back of the couch…:) and can sometimes be hard on my husband about his efforts. He is “clean for a boy” and does his best to keep everything how I like it, but obviously isn’t perfect. This bothered me for the first few months and I found myself turning into a nagger, something I truly hate. After talking to my mom, she bluntly said “if something bothers you that much, but isn’t affecting how you live, fix it yourself. Pick it up yourself. Put it away yourself. Even if it’s his…because he’s doing his best and if he can live with it, and be happy to live with you, it’s not worth nagging him.” This has stuck with me ever since and when I occasionally see his shoes in the middle of the living room floor or an empty drinking glass on the side table, I just pick it up myself. He does so much for me that goes unnoticed, and it’s just not worth nitpicking every little thing.

    Enjoy every moment of your new adventure!

    1. Jessica! This is SUCH great advice. I’m you and Conor is your husband. Like exactly (down to the glasses and shoes). It didn’t take long for me to realize that my level of clean isn’t normal, and I’ve learned to let it go. Sometimes he fluffs the sofa pillows and it makes me so happy!