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My first trip to Europe back in 2013 left me with a serious case of wanderlust, and I spent the next few years dreaming of leaving the country again. And then it happened. Earlier this year, I visited South America for the first time when I traveled to Buenos Aires and Mendoza, Argentina.

A few weeks later, I was invited on a press trip to Iceland, and this summer, spent two weeks in Tuscany, Florence, Rome, and Paris. You can see recaps of those trips here. It’s been an exciting and surreal travel year for me, and it’s not over.

First up, a California road trip
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We’re starting in Sonoma, spending a day in San Francisco, driving down the coast to Santa Barbara, and ending the trip in my hometown of Los Angeles for one of my best friend’s weddings. It’s been six years since I’ve lived in LA so I’m not exactly in the know when it comes to all the cool spots. I do have a few ideas thanks to this article, but would love any suggestions if you have them.

New York City
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I’m heading back to NYC for the 3rd time this year, this time for Thanksgiving with and his family. I love both NYC and Conor’s family, so as long as I don’t accidentally mistake granulated sugar for confectioners sugar and ruin our dessert we’ll be great.

And I’ve seen Home Alone way too many times to not get excited about the fact that I’ll see the tree lit up in Rockefeller Plaza for the first time.

And back to EuropeScreen Shot 2016-08-30 at 9.24.17 PM

My birthday is a few weeks away and a few days ago, Conor surprised me with an early birthday trip. Instead of flying back to Chicago after Thanksgiving, we’ll be heading to Copenhagen for 3 days! Because when tickets to Denmark cost $50 more than tickets to California, you book them.

Happy early birthday to me!

I’m also in the process of discussing a winter trip and would love your suggestions. Spain and Portugal are at the top of my list, but I’m open to suggestions. And if you have any recommendations for Sonoma, San Francisco, LA, or Copenhagen, I’d love to hear them!

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  • You have to make a reservation at Girl and the Fig while in Sonoma! And whatever the seasonal cheese plate is, try it. For Spain, check out Toledo, and travel down the coast. Take in a flamenco performance in Sevilla and visit the Alhambra.

  • That is so exciting! ! I studied abroad in Copenhagen during college and have been back a few more times since. It’s my favorite place! I would definitely recommend checking out Rosenborg Castle which is in Kongens Have, Rundetaarn (The Round Tower), The Black Diamond (The Royal Danish Library), a Canal Tour is a must, shopping on Strøget (check out Illum Bolighaus, and Hay House), and some great restaurants and cafes are, Big Apple Juice Bar, Cafe Paludan, Gorms, Mother (pizza), Sticks n’ Sushi, Grød, 42 Raw, and you must visit Trovehallerne (the glass markets). I hope you have an amazing trip!

  • Such a great gift! You two MUST rent bikes for the whole time that you’re there – it’s safe, easy and the best way to see the city. Geist is my favorite place for dinner in Copenhagen, and Bror is fantastic, too. Try the flodeboller from Summerbird Chocolatier – it’s the best! The Living Room and Democratic Coffee are good local haunts. Try to make it to the Paper Island food market for lunch. Mikkeller or Norrebro brew houses are fun too. Copenhagen is magical – you’ll love it…can’t wait for the posts!

  • May I suggest Ireland. With a name like Conor S he has to have his roots there. People are so nice and what a beautiful country. I spent my year abroad in the Irish speaking part and had a wonderful time. Think about it-Conor may have already visited there and should take you at some point.

  • For wine tasting in Sonoma, check out Hawkes – they have a tasting room in downtown Sonoma (right behind The Girl & The Fig) and another in Alexander Valley. Adorable, quaint tasting rooms, incredible Cabs, and the nicest people.

  • Must do food locations in Los Angeles right now: Grand Central Market (Madcapra and Bombo), Pine & Crane (go for lunch), Baroo (the most unassuming little spot in a random shopping center with unbelievable food – go for an odd-timed lunch to avoid the crowds), Birch (go for dinner (small shared plates) and the amazing cocktails), and Here’s Looking At You (go for another dinner (also small shared plates) and amazing cocktails).

  • Spain is worth andentire trip, there are so much places to go and the food! oh my the food you will love it. I lived in Barcelona for 7 years and I got the chance to travel a lot around. If Spain is in your plans i will suggest to go to Madrid, Barcelona and around. Second option you can have a road trip from the basque country (starting in san sebastian) all the way to Rioja and then visit some wineries. The third option is to go to the south os spain which is less cold but equally beautiful. Spain Is very diverse in its regions and cities who would know that in Spain are offical 5 languages and its much more than sangria, paella and siestas :). If you need more info dont hesitate and let me know i can provide a list of places, rest , etc 🙂 Adios!

  • I’m so jealous! I LOVED my trip to Copenhagen last fall. It’s one of my very favorite cities. Absolutely grab some wine and snacks and rent a GoBoat to wander around in – it was perfection. The people and the food and the design and basically is great. I made a little list of favorite restaurants, shops + activities here. HAVE THE BEST ADVENTURE.