GIVEAWAY: Win a WordPress Theme from Restored 316

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I started blogging on the blogger platform back in 2007, taught myself a little code and photoshop, and opened up my first small business as a blog designer. As a self-taught designer, I knew enough to make blogger work and always planned on learning WordPress, but made a career change after launching The Everygirl and never got around to it. About a year ago, I made the switch from blogger to Squarespace and a few months ago (thanks to my friend Kelly), migrated everything over to WordPress.

At first, I bought a theme I was pretty happy with, installed it myself, and made a few tweaks to the code and design. Ultimately, it wasn’t what I was looking for. So I bought another one and my site looked pretty good but it still wasn’t right. And then I came across Restored 316, a shop I remember seeing back in the day when there were very few blog designers around. Lauren’s WordPress themes are beautiful, budget-friendly, and the best part is that she offers affordable options to help customize the templates for you.

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I know a little code, but after installing my site, realized the changes I wanted to make were beyond what I know how to do on my own. So Lauren and I worked together to make the Dazzling theme everything I envisioned it to be. It has to be said–I was the most annoying client ever. Having experience in Photoshop, I took it upon myself to screen shot my site and then edit it to show her exactly what I wanted it to look like. And she did not disappoint.

Let’s talk about why it’s so great. First, there’s the sleek navigation (where my photography and home tours are easy to find!) and slider. Scroll down, and you’ll see some of my favorite items that you can now easily shop right from my home page. One of my favorite features is the ability to see products below any posts with a rewardStyle slider in them.

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The Giveaway:

Lauren is giving one of you the Restored 316 WordPress theme of your choice ($75 value), the sparkle and shine package ($300 value) and the Genesis framework ($60 value). Total value: $435

To enter:

Follow Restored 316 on Instagram and leave a comment telling me what theme you’ll choose if you win.

Don’t forget to leave your email address, instagram handle, or comment on my instagram so I’m able to contact you if you win!


You have until Tuesday, August 30, at 11:59PM CST to enter. I’ll announce the winner in this post the morning of the 31st!

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  • I would also choose the Dazzling theme. Simple & beautiful! Thank you for the chance to win the design & service!

  • I was just thinking about restarting my blog! A revamp would be awesome…I would choose the Savory theme.

  • I love the Market Theme! It would be the perfect way to clean up and improve my personal website. I am also planning to start a blog, and this would be a great way to have a beautiful design to start out with. My instagram is @christenmcdonough – I also left a comment because I am so excited!

  • I would choose the Dazzling or Glam theme. I’ve been wanting to start a blog as I launch my new career! 8/31 is my golden birthday, and this would be the best gift. ????

  • I adore most of these themes, but my absolute favorite is the “Novelty” theme! what a simple, yet beautiful layout. My Instagram is @HeyDaniKelley. What a great giveaway; thanks Danielle!

  • Bloom is delightfully feminine and elegant and I love how image-oriented it is. Starting my freelance writing/editing/photography business with this template would be divine. I’d love to work with Lauren on tweaking the background graphic to reflect my business design. The category index is beautifully organized, and again, I appreciate how everything is so image-focused.


  • I’m just getting to re-launch my blog after a few years hiatus (graduating college, getting my first job, etc), and I am in LOVE with these themes. Currently working off a free one from WP right now, but these are just amazing! Just the sort thing I’d like to upgrade to eventually.. I really love Dazzling — simple, clean, but elegant and chic, too! This is SUCH a great giveaway, thank you so much for hosting!

  • I was just thinking about looking at blog themes this week, as I am wanting to start a job as I start my post-bac degree in Nutrition! I’d love to use Market or Savory. They’re all beautiful, but I like those 2 the best!

  • I really like Simply Charming ! Dazzling may be more suited for what I hope to use it for. I’m currently using a Wix Theme and it’s ROUGH.

  • What a great giveaway! I have been wanting to give my blog and fresh new look. It is stale and needs updating. I really like the Market theme. Perfect for me, my needs and style.
    Thank you for the opportunity for a new blog look.
    Crossing my fingers to win!

  • Wow. I’d love to win a Restored 316 theme and it would be a toss up between the Market theme and the Darling theme. So many beautiful options but the Market theme would be my pick. #fingerscrossed

  • This is perfect timing! I am in the process of starting my own blog and haven’t been able to settle on a template! I really love both Dazzling and Savory. Fingers crossed and thanks for sharing this giveaway!

  • Thank you Danielle for this exciting post and thank you Lauren for being so generous! Getting a blog off the ground has been hard for this girl because I can envision what I want it to look like, but have ZERO clue what I’m doing with themes, widgets, etc. The Market theme is exactly what I have been envisioning, so that’s what I would pick!

  • Wow – What an incredible giveaway! So many beautiful options but my top pick is Dainty! Thank you for the opportunity. My fingers are crossed!
    IG – @wmacinnis

  • I think I would pick the darling theme but the dainty would be my other choice. I really like both! I need to update my blog…maybe I’ll come back to write more often since I miss it but don’t seem to make it a priority as of late.

  • these are gorgeous! I am a blogger who is currently learning how to code and I LOVE the dazzling theme, which seems to be quite popular. I would love to tranfer my blog over to this and think it’d really enhance my creativity. also- obsessed with your content what a great idea this is!

  • So many to choose from! Funny enough – I’ve been on the search for a new theme and was just browsing her site yesterday! Dainty really caught my eye, so I think I’d have to go with that one. What a beautiful makeover that would be 🙂
    (IG: @gabivalladares)

  • This is so generous! I love the Simply theme. I’m actually looking to transfer platforms right now to WordPress. ( is my email)

  • This is an amazing giveaway! I would choose the Dazzling theme! I’m switching from Squarespace to WordPress soon just because I’m so in love with that theme! (IG @shoperinmichele )

  • I have one of her themes already and I love her work! I’m always in the mood for a site redesign though, so I would be thrilled to win a theme! Problem is, right now I don’t know which one I would pick! I like so many of them.

  • I have been drooling over the Tasteful and Divine themes for a few weeks here. This would be the gift of the decade! Thanks girls for sharing your talents with all of us.

  • I’ve been following and admiring Restored316 for ages! I’d love to use the Tickled Pink theme. Maybe a pretty pleasing them would give me the kick in the pants to take my blog (and dreams) seriously!?

  • This is PERFECT timing! My blog is growing like crazy and I’ve been searching for a new theme to make it more user friendly, plus my current theme is not doing well on the back end–lots of glitches and it’s past time to change.. I love the Dazzling theme as well as the Market theme–it’s a touch choice. Thank you so much for this opportunity!! xoxo
    My IG handle: @littlevintagenest

  • Her themes are amazing! I would probably choose Savory… but Market looks good, too. Oh, the options!

    Instagram: @beautzyblog

  • So many beautiful themes! My fave is the “Dazzling” theme, my choice if I win. Thanks for the chance to win this giveaway!
    IG @mylifeandmystyle

  • While I am VERY excited about the contest, I’m happy to have learned a lot from the Choosing the Right Theme Guide on the Restored 316 Website! The questions in the “Plan” section assisted me with some market research this weekend that I was already doing for my new blog . Double Score!!

    I debated all weekend, and I think the Divine theme would work best! I love the sliders and the sticky posts toward the top of the screen. Perfect for displaying some pretty cool photographic content I can’t wait to display!

    May the best theme win! 😉

    Instagram Handle: @jae.mcgee

  • That’s such a great giveaway!! I’ve always loved the themes from Restored 316 so much – so thank you for a chance to win a theme and the sparkle and shine package. If I would win I’d choose “Dazzling” cause I fell in love with the theme, the moment I saw it. My IG: @aclassymess

  • Awesome, love the Restored 316 designs!!!! GLAM would be my theme of choice. I launched my blog in January, it is a happiness project and I am at that point where the design could really use some updates and fine-tuning.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!!

  • I’m currently running a Restored 316 theme on my blog, but it’s one of the older ones that hasn’t been updated in a few years…..and a new design would be great! Loving market theme and all the help to get it looking perfect.

  • I would love to win! I would pick the Darling theme! My blog is only a month old, but it is growing! The only thing holding me back is the site design and branding. I too bought a theme thinking it was going to be great, only to be disappointed. Restored 316 themes are beautiful AND functional! I know I need one of these themes so my site will look professional and inviting.

  • I have been eyeing Restored 316 Designs for a while now to apply to my photography business and take it to the next level, but as a new college student trying to launch her business AND get a degree, I’ve been waiting for “the right time”. Maybe that time is now! If I won, I’d choose either the Simply Charming or Darling theme! (or any of them, they’re all so beautiful!)

  • So hard to choose but I think Market is my final answer. Or maybe simply charming? ???? They’re all so cool! Insta: @HiddenCharmHome email is in the comment thingie- or Pia @

    Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway! And of course to Lindsey for the giveaway!

  • Her themes are so well designed! I’ve been working on my own sites for years and haven’t been fully satisfied. I’m currently on Squarespace, but if I can make the switch to Lauren’s designs, I know things would change for the better. I would choose the Savory theme. I like the sleek, minimal and magazine style.

  • I’ve been feeling so uninspired lately that I’ve decided to FINALLY get a start on my own blog. (You were a huge inspiration, no lie!) This giveaway couldn’t have come at a better time. I would 100%choose the Dazzling theme as well. It’s clean, simple, easy to navigate, and really beautiful. x

  • I would choose Tickled Pink – plenty of class and style for my jewelry line. This clean interface brings a touch a feminine and will help the product shine. Would be very grateful to win this package!

  • I would love to have the glam theme (even though they are all so amazing) for a blog in metro Detroit Michigan showing things to see/do/eat/drink and the best travel spots around the area and adoptable dogs as well ????! I just started a site last month on wix, because I couldn’t figure out WordPress even after watching hours of YouTube videos ???????? Id be so grateful for this opportunity, and to make this blog into something great! ???? IG: cattttu

  • About two weeks ago I started to really started to rethink my brand and design. With a ton of research I decided I was going to go buy the genesis framework. I did some looking in the themes and came across Glam. I absolutely loved it! Here I am 2 weeks later, still thinking about that theme. As I was looking through the Live Demo I found the Instagram feed at the bottom promoting this! I am so so happy I did! After looking more through Restored 316’s website I decided I would love to utilize the Market theme! It is feminine, natural and flows with my brand and the direction I am taking my blog. My blog will be 1 in October and is need of a new look. I have been working hard in the past year to build relationships and learn as much as I can about this blogging life and I’m ready to take it to the next level! This would be an amazing opportunity!
    IG: @arrowsandawe

  • Shoot, I totally missed this. I am going to keep her in mind for later, her designs are lovely! I would be torn between the Dazzling, Market, and Glam themes.