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2016 No. 24: 4 Day Work Week


You guys. I started the week off at the pool and had a post ready to go every single day. And now it’s Friday and I have z e r o set plans this weekend! Take away the fact that our site was down for a few hours the other day and this sore throat I’m dealing with and it’s been a pretty good week.

This Week

I had a friend in town Thurs – Monday and was pleasantly surprised when I found out she was leaving at 6PM instead of 6AM. This meant going from a 3 to 4 day weekend, more time with my friend, and starting my week at the pool (in this) with a strawberry ice pop.

Conor’s friend is in town from Paris and played at The Green Mill Wednesday night. She’s a musical genius and was incredible, and we went there on our second date. Always fun going back.

We booked our flights to California!

Kelly (in the city) had her baby and I’m planning a visit next week. So excited to meet that tiny, perfect peanut.

Help me help you?

I feel like I’m going to run out of post ideas soon. That said, I’m taking post request ideas. Do you have any questions for me? Are there any topics you want me to write about? You know the drill–just leave them in the comments section below!

On the blog this week

A favorite trend that I plan on enjoying before summer ends.
I wrote something on social media and internet etiquette 101 and to clear things up, no, it was not passively written about all the questions I get about my coffee table. Was hoping my readers knew me a little better than that. I talked about a few ways we can all be nicer online and politely asking questions was one of them. I don’t mind answering questions and explained more in the post.
I also announced a little surprise fun fact in that post. Did you catch it?
How to spend a summer weekend in Chicago
And I finally recapped our time in Rome. Wrapping up with Paris next week!

On the web

6 free ways to de-stress
Finally caved and bought some mirrored sunglasses from Illesteva
Take an extra 40% off sale items at Club Monaco
25% off orders of $125 or more at J. Crew. My new bag is excluded from the promo but is under $130!

And here are a few things I’m loving this week, including my new favorite skincare line. Smells like a light and airy beach day. Love it.

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  • Hi Danielle,
    Is it possible that your article on social media is not here anymore? I was looking foward to read it. Have a great Day!

    1. I accidentally deleted it, lost the article somehow, then found the cached version, copied and pasted, and it’s back up! Sorry about that!

  • I would love if you wrote a little about your breakup and how you knew you had to move on or if you had some coping techniques. I know you’re in an awesome relationship right now so I understand if you don’t want to open any old wounds 🙂

    1. Hi Jill! That’s a good one. Let me think about how to work that into a post.
      I knew it wasn’t right about 3 months in but stayed and really think dragging it on for almost a decade and getting to a place where I was strong enough to walk away made it a lot easier. I really do believe when you know you know, but actually walking away takes time and strength I didn’t think I had early on.

  • Hi Danielle, I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now, and it’s quickly become one of my favorites! I’d love a post on how you keep your photos organized, what software/apps you use to edit and sort and general photo organization tips. You mentioned bringing your laptop with you on your Italy trip and was also curious if you download photos as you go when you travel or wait until your return.

    1. Hi Kathryn,
      I upload photos to my laptop and an external hard drive every day while traveling or any time I shoot, and if there’s wifi, also back them up in Dropbox. I do have a post going up this week about something new I’m doing with my photos so let me know if that + this info helps!

  • I like to change up the look of my home but I never know what to do with the stuff like that I don’t want anymore like pillows, lamps, etc. You have lived in so many apartments and they all look different. What do you do with the home accessories and furniture that you don’t need anymore? Do you throw them away? Sell them?

    1. Hi Heather,
      I usually sell everything–used to do it on Craigslist but a few years ago, had a big sale that I promoted through instagram. I donate anything that won’t sell, but have never just thrown anything away!

      Hope that helps!

  • Hi Danielle, I would love to kind of get to know the “person behind the blog,” so like a 50 Facts about Me posts (or 20), would be really cool, just like random facts that we wouldn’t necessarily know from reading your blog. Also, I know that sometimes you talk about strained familial relationships, and it caught my eye because it’s not something everyone is willing to admit. I totally understand if it’s too personal, but a ‘how to work through a strained familial relationship’ or something could be cool too.

    Love reading!
    xo, India

    1. Hi India! I love the random fact post idea. Will work on that one.
      I try not to give too much detail when it comes to family stuff, but have touched on it being tough. Let me see if I can come up with anything. I’m HARDLY an expert. Not sure how much advice I can give there. It’s a bit of a roller coaster.

  • Hi Danielle!
    I really enjoy following you on your blog and Instagram account. I’d love for you to do an updated “day in the life” post — I find those so fascinating. I’d also love for you to share some of your recent beauty favorites with us. Oh, and any new recipes you’ve loved recently? I tried some of the recipes you linked in your Whole30 posts at the beginning of the year and I’d love to try any news ones you’ve been loving.

    1. Hi Kat! Too funny–I’m planning writing a post on some old (and new) favorite beauty products soon.
      I haven’t been great at trying new recipes but hope to soon, and will share them with you when I do. Danielle Walker (against all grain) is usually my go-to.
      Not sure if anything’s changed since my last day in the life post. My weekdays are probably a lot less interesting than you’d think. Currently sitting at my computer (like always) working away. Ha. Any specific Qs about that?
      Thanks for the great post ideas!

  • Hello Danielle! I was going to ask you to post about how your organize your photos when I saw on Insta that you had an album printed… And sorry, I’ve just read a similar comment on this post. Anyway, I love that you blog more recently. xx

    1. Hi Clementine! I have a post going up about this on Thursday! Hope it helps! Let me know if you have any other Qs.

  • I’d love to read a post about how to work efficiently from home. I work from home part of the time and have trouble staying focused and concentrated on my work. Would love to hear your advice! – Thanks!

  • Hi Danielle, just FYI it looks as though the images for this post and Three Days in Rome are broken, they aren’t showing in my RSS feed reader (feedly) or on the live posts (I’m using firefox). Thanks!