A Year Without CrossFit

A year + ago, anyone who knew me, met me briefly, or followed me on social media knew I was obsessed with all things CrossFit and paleo. I posted my PRs, paleo meals, ONLY ordered paleo food, checked in at the gym, and #’d the sh*t out of anything health related. #paleoprevails

Looking back, even I can’t believe how crazy I was.

And then I quit.

Starting and quitting CrossFit are two of the best things I ever did for myself. I used to hate working out and only did it because I thought I needed to burn fat or lose weight. I was always on some fad diet for the same reason. CrossFit taught me to love fitness. To work out because it’s good for my body and mind. To be the healthiest version of myself that I could be.

I’m not going tell you how awful I think CrossFit is because that’s not the case at all. It took a few years to face the fact that I just wasn’t cut out for olympic lifting. I’ve had issues with my knees (first surgery when I was in high school), (flat) feet, and back (minor scoliosis) for as long as I can remember. Even after all that PT and knee surgery, my doctors assured me I was fine (physically) to continue but I just didn’t feel the way everyone else did. I knew when I should avoid certain movements and when I was pushing myself too hard but did not care. My focus was on beating my last score, even if it meant getting hurt.

Then I developed shingles which is a sign of severe stress. My doctor suggested calming activities, and by “suggested” I mean she told me to change my life or keep getting sick. So I started to question whether or not something less intense would be better for me. I decided to put my membership on hold and take a short break to see how I’d feel. It wasn’t easy. I was really, really sad and missed CrossFit every single day.

I started Flywheel and Dailey Method, and over the past couple of months, have gotten really into CorePower Yoga. I still miss CrossFit from time to time but this routine has been so good for me. My back still bothers me but I’m not putting as much stress on it and the rest of my body, so I feel a lot better. And finishing a workout in shavasana instead of checking the board to see how I ranked is a really nice change for my don’t stop trying to do it all type-A brain.

I’m still paleo but don’t really view it the way I used to. It was just a matter of calming down, I suppose. I’m over halfway through Whole30 which is more intense than a paleo challenge, yet this has felt so much less intense because of how I’ve handled it. I’m just a lot less extreme than I used to be and no longer put a stigma on not eating something because it isn’t paleo. I follow a clean, healthy diet that happens to fall into that category, but don’t make a big deal about it. And sometimes, life calls for some pizza and halo top.