peace out, social media


A few months ago, I made the decision to disconnect from Facebook. I deleted the app from my cell phone and went from constantly updating my status and checking in (mostly at CrossFit and when I was out with friends) to never checking in and sharing the occasional status update. I only ever update my status when I’m at the computer or by myself, and I’m making an effort do less, just like I said I would. No one needs to know what I’m up to all the time. I mean, really. What’s the point? I think Facebook is a great way to stay in touch, but there are lines, and I successfully crossed each and every one of them.

I watched this video a few days ago and decided to give myself a little more credit. Sure, I’ve scaled back on Facebook, but I’m still pretty connected to instagram and email, and need to scale back even more. I realized that it’s ok to post photos later on and not while you’re in the moment. There’s a #latergram hashtag for a reason, people.

I’m not saying farewell to social media, but I’m done trying to stay connecting while trying to make real connections with those around me. I’ll take a quick photo if there’s a moment I want to capture, but then the phone goes away and I’ll go back to living in the moment. You know, talking. Laughing. Connecting. Enjoying the moment instead of instagramming it. Life is passing by so quickly, and I don’t want to miss out.

Do you feel too connected to social media? Any plans to scale back?