peace out, social media


A few months ago, I made the decision to disconnect from Facebook. I deleted the app from my cell phone and went from constantly updating my status and checking in (mostly at CrossFit and when I was out with friends) to never checking in and sharing the occasional status update. I only ever update my status when I’m at the computer or by myself, and I’m making an effort do less, just like I said I would. No one needs to know what I’m up to all the time. I mean, really. What’s the point? I think Facebook is a great way to stay in touch, but there are lines, and I successfully crossed each and every one of them.

I watched this video a few days ago and decided to give myself a little more credit. Sure, I’ve scaled back on Facebook, but I’m still pretty connected to instagram and email, and need to scale back even more. I realized that it’s ok to post photos later on and not while you’re in the moment. There’s a #latergram hashtag for a reason, people.

I’m not saying farewell to social media, but I’m done trying to stay connecting while trying to make real connections with those around me. I’ll take a quick photo if there’s a moment I want to capture, but then the phone goes away and I’ll go back to living in the moment. You know, talking. Laughing. Connecting. Enjoying the moment instead of instagramming it. Life is passing by so quickly, and I don’t want to miss out.

Do you feel too connected to social media? Any plans to scale back?
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  • ughhh yeah. i need to leave my phone behind more often. i could cut down on checking instagram and my email! i usually dont check-in anywhere tho — it kinda creeps me out to have ppl know where i am!

  • I can totally relate. I love how you mentioned that you don't have to post a photo right away, that it can wait and this is something that I'm trying to focus on doing more of. I'm absolutely terrible when it comes to instagram, I'm on there way too much. I'm still on there quite a bit, but not nearly as much as I was a week ago and I'm continuing to remind myself to scale back even more. Goodness have I ever noticed a difference in such an amazing and positive way. I'm not missing much, friends are still there, following along and life outside of the phone is better than ever. Lesson learned, that's for sure. As for facebook, like you, I love how it keeps me connected to friends who no longer live next door, but otherwise, I'm very rarely on there and almost never update my status. I'm with you 100%

  • I totally get this. I'm starting to cut back on my phone in general, but I like to have it to take pictures of my two-year-old. I'll intentionally leave it in another room so I'm more focused on my family. It helps. One day I will be brave enough to remove apps so I'm not checking things so much!

  • Great idea! Nowadays it's very difficult to completely cut out social media since it is such a huge part of how we communicate anymore and keep in touch, but I definitely think we could all, including myself, scale back on usage. Keep it up!


  • I've scaled back on FB but still addicted to Instagram. I agree with living in the moment and capturing the beauty of things instead of trying to document every piece of your life. It takes the fun out of things.

  • Totally relate. I'm not too bad when I'm out with other people, because most of my friends aren't into social media and I am a firm believer in not having my phone out too much when I'm with others (especially at dinner….drives me insane when everyone is on their phones), but sometimes I go on instagram and/or twitter sprees when I'm with people and i need to stop and focus on those around me. pretty pictures can wait!

  • I can totally relate! It's hard to stay disconnected, especially in this culture where EVERYONE is one FB and Instagram but I need to make it a point to live in the moment a little more as well. A lot can be said for social media though. I think I've made so many meaningful relationships with people on Instagram.

    Chelsea & The City

  • When I was in Italy I did some Instagramming but because we didn't have WiFi most of the time, I was able to snap a photo, enjoy the moment, and post later from the train. I am going to try to pretend I don't have WiFi at home now!

  • Great post! The other night we went out to dinner, and when we walked into the restaurant there was a group of college girls (a basketball team) sitting in the waiting area. There were 15 of them. EVERY SINGLE GIRL was on her phone. Not kidding. Not one of them was "in the moment". Perhaps they were sick of being together (traveling for competition, I'm sure), but still. I actually laughed when I saw it…. kind of a sad laugh. 🙁 I want to make sure I'm using it to be social, not anti-social, which is what I think is happening with most people, including myself at times. Good wake up call video!

  • I always try to live in the moment. I check social media but only like 1-2x a day. I agree, no one needs to know my every moment.

  • I hope you succeed in your resolution. Personally, I never use my phone when in company, because I find it rude when others do. Not even a quick text. And I Instagram only after the event, as a way to show gratitude. For me, FB is a handy way to stay connected, since you can send a quick message instead of lengthy emails. Good luck with it! (ps. I will miss you on Instagram)

  • Good for you! Keep doing your thing.
    I live for away from most everyone I hold dear so…social media? It's my thing 🙂
    Although I do want to challenge myself to not feel an urgency to use it RIGHT NOW.

    Manda from Eat Cake

  • I'm a big fan of cyber sabbaths and find it almost exhilarating to leave my phone at home if I go out to run errands! I'm trying to be better at #latergram posts too although everyone who eats with me knows not to take a bite until I get a shot!

  • YEP totally feel you on this one! I'm not completely out of Facebook but it gets on my nerves. Not to mention when I'm out to eat with family and my phone starts beeping becuase they've tagged me…becuase I'm out eating witht them. Really?! I'm really trying more and more to live in the moment rather than posting about it. I think the people I'm with at the time, appreciate being with me, more than the people online knowing what I"m up to at that moment.
    Anyway just wanted to say I agree!