Who wants to get married in Paris?

Years ago, I decided that I would like to elope someplace beautiful and romantic. Paris. Greece. Rome? I don’t have the location pinpointed, but a small and intimate wedding has always been my plan. As much as I love my family a friends, I could see getting married without any of them at the wedding. I still want the dress, flowers, and a photographer, but that’s it. No bridal party. No crazy expenses. No planning. No pressure.

I am not against weddings. This is just what feels right for me and my non-existent future husband.  Two people promising to share their lives with each other in any capacity is a beautiful thing. But the bride gene is one that seems to have skipped me. I
am not an “all eyes on me” kind of girl, so I think I might be uncomfortable as a bride in a big wedding. And let’s face it – the thought of having this private little moment sounds so incredibly romantic.

Why am I writing about this today? Well, about a month ago, I spent a few hours walking around Lincoln Park with my friend Jess. We ended up grabbing dinner and started to talk about her upcoming wedding. And then I shared my plans to have a
very private ceremony someplace romantic. She wasn’t going to tell me her little secret, but she just couldn’t hold it in any longer. Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Lively!

Do you plan on having a large wedding or something small and intimate?