Self Improvement

this year

I know that many of you have shared your goals for 2012. When Alaina shared her goals I decided that I should do the same. I cannot wait to look back in a year and hopefully see what has been accomplished in 2012.

Launch The Everygirl
We have so many dreams for The Everygirl. We have accomplished so much since the day we sat down in a coffee shop almost five months ago and I cannot believe we launch next month. The entire experience has been so fun, exciting and surreal. More than anything, I hope it inspires all of you! I was laying on my couch at 4:00 am yesterday composing a list of ideas for The Everygirl. I cannot get it off my mind!

Visit Paris & London by my 30th birthday
I have never been to Paris or London and turn 30 this September. Paris is on Alaina’s list as well so I’m thinking we should do this one together. The Everygirl in Paris! I’m in.

I want to do some volunteering! You have to love the Midwest. The two organizations I have applied with do not need any volunteers for another month or two. Isn’t that amazing?

Branch out
In 2011 I found my love of glittery nails, leopard flats and my orange coat. I tend to stick to neutrals in fashion & decor and would love to have some more fun this year by adding some bright colors to my wardrobe and little pop of color to my very white apartment.

Work it
I am going to get back to my regular gym routine & stick to it. I was doing really well last year but had that mole removed last year and was not allowed to work out for 3 months. Then we started working on The Everygirl which has consumed any “spare” time I thought I had and now my back is a mess. The second my back & neck are better I am back. What keeps you motivated?

Learn everything about my 7D
I can take a decent photo but want to really learn the ins and outs of my camera this year.

FINALLY get on a normal schedule.
I would love to get on a somewhat normal sleep schedule. Normal for me would be going to bed between midnight and 1:00 am.

Get a friend for Buddy
There I go mentioning that Frenchie again. I really want my little guy to have a friend. I know that I just posted this photo yesterday. I can’t help myself.

Read a book
Yes. One book. The most pathetic goal ever. I start books but never finish them. Have any suggestions for me? 

Take a pastry decorating course
Back in 2012 I bought a kitchen torch and made s’mores cupcakes. This year, I’d like to try my hand at cake pops and want to finally take a pastry decorating class. I’d love to make something fancy. Any Chicago girls want to join me?

What are your goals for 2012?