In the kitchen: sparkly gold pancakes


I made these pancakes with the boyfriend on my birthday using the Williams-Sonoma ebelskiver pan {thank you, Nicole!}, ebelskiver mix, gold shimmering sugar, turning tools & Dr. Oetker organic frosting {purchased at whole foods}.

Melt a little earth balance or  butter in each pancake well of the pancake pan.
Spoon 1 tbsp pancake mix into the well.
Spoon 1/2 tbsp frosting followed by one more tbsp of pancake mix.
Wait 3-4 min, flip & wait another 3-4 min.
Top with a little frosting and maple syrup. That’s it!


While these are very sparkly and pretty in person, I’m not sure they look as fancy in pictures. Next time I’d probably use something a bit more colorful. Cannot wait to make cinnamon roll + pumpkin pancakes for fall. Yum.

A few notes:
The ebelskiver was very easy to use & the turning tools are a must.
I used earth balance and almond milk in place of butter & milk.
The recipe on the ebelskiver makes a ton of pancakes. I would cut it in half for 2 people.
The boy said these are a little crispy & a “very unique pancake experience.” He loved them.

Nothing like a sparkly breakfast to start your day.
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