Two years ago.

On 12.16.08 I walked in to a pet store during an animal adoption drive and saw a 6 month old chihuahua/min pin mix named “Monkey”. I love animals, but dogs are a lot of work & I didn’t want one. We all know what happened next. I have this thing for broken/lost/unwanted pets & this dog had an enormous cast on his leg. And he looked at me. I was told he was hit by a car and dropped off at the pound by his owners.

My response?

Oh ****. I’m getting a dog.

His cast said “rescue me” and had a little doodled happy face.

Fortunately, he hasn’t been high maintenance at all.
A 2nd broken leg, knee surgery, 2 months of cage rest & a few casts.
Easy, right?
Sept 2010. Lounging in the sun on the balcony.
I usually take his bed out there so he has something cozy to lounge on.

Two years later we are living in Chicago. He has traded his back yard for a balcony. He wore sweaters in the fall and now wears boots & a coat in the snow. Pretty sure he hates the snow but he loves our apartment.

Buddy walks around the building acting like he owns the place. Hops on and off the elevator, plays fetch in the hallway and knocks barks/scratches on my neighbor’s door when he wants to play with his BFF Marley. And I know that every dog owner says this but my dog is the perfect dog. He doesn’t wake up before 10:30 am, and often sleeps until noon.

My neighbors and friends adore him.
My sister calls him my greatest asset. She may be right.
My doorman says he’s got swagger.
And let’s not forget his Christmas cheer.

And me? I think he’s the best dog in the whole world.

He is painfully adorable, loves to cuddle, lets me take his photo whenever I want and has the greatest little personality. And in spite of the fact that he was very likely abused by his last owners he is the most loving little guy.

Happy 2 years, B.


Because I have to throw this out there — if you are looking for a pet and have any questions about adopting a rescue please email me! So many people think that you cannot have a rescue around children {not true} or that if you want a specific breed you have to go to a breeder {also not true}.  My dog was on the list to be euthanized as a pup but was picked up by an amazing rescue organization and now has a loving home. There are thousands and thousands like him out there.