In the kitchen: S’mores Cupcakes


On Wednesday night I finally decided on a recipe for Thursday’s recipe exchange party. I would make s’mores cupcakes. I figured that anything combining s’mores & cupcakes had to be good, and the recipe required a kitchen torch. Done. You should know that I have always wanted a kitchen torch, but never had a reason to buy one.

Come Thursday morning, it was time to prepare. I headed out to pick up the necessary supplies { including my new kitchen torch}. I came home, did some work, answered some emails, and baked some cupcakes.

Rather than type out the recipe, I am including a printable copy of the recipe above. Just click on the image for the full size.

And here are a few photos of the baking process. I am too tired to edit these photos, so they’ll have to do as they are. Enjoy!

danielle moss cupcakes-2 danielle moss cupcakes-1

danielle moss cupcakes-3
danielle moss cupcakes-4

The finished product. A layer of graham cracker at the bottom, a marshmallow center, chocolate cupcake, more graham cracker sprinkled on top, meringue frosting {torched to look like a marshmallow} and a little piece of chocolate to top it off.

These cupcakes were inspired by this recipe, and this one, too.

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