4 weeks.


I moved to Chicago exactly four weeks ago. Sometimes it feels like I just got here but most of the time it feels like I’ve always been here. I am not the same girl I was back in LA, so I guess the girl I am today has always been in Chicago. I have been here just 4 weeks and have a new life, new friends, and I am happier than I have ever been.

I had my mom here with me the first week. The afternoon that we flew in we walked over to an outdoor cafe for dinner. I looked around and felt at peace. I was home. I could not have done this without my mom. If you’re reading this, thanks mom!

Shopping in Andersonville with my mom.



I have done lots of cooking, and even made veggie burgers from scratch. So good.

I watched the premiers of Rachel Zoe, Flipping Out, and Weeds on my new flat screen in my new apartment in Chicago.

I spotted the President walking down the street.

I signed up for a 5k & started running. I love running through Chicago. I am definitely not very good at it, but running through my new home town feels amazing. I love this city.

I became a vegetarian again.


I had a girls night out with some of my favorite blog girls!
from left to right – jess, cathy, crystal, a lovely being, and yours truly
My hair looks kind of funny & I can assure you that I do have legs (dark skinny jeans)

I walked from my place to the market with my little pull cart last week. I picked up an orchid, some hydrangeas & groceries, and pulled everything home while eating an organic coconut popsicle. One of those perfect Chicago moments. I did the same thing again today. Nothing like a coconut popsicle on a hot summer day.

Lunch and shopping with Taylor.

Drinks with friends at my favorite rooftop bar. I want to enjoy being outside while I can.



Ran all over town with my best pal who has not had one accident inside! He also sleeps in until 11:00 most days. I love him.


Farmer’s Market with Anne.

My first trip to the suburbs.

A sleepover & the Randolph Street Market followed by lunch with Anne & Jack.
Checking out the kid’s treasure map at the Randolph Street Market. He wore that hat all day. Love him.

Someone my mom knows through work was going to be in Chicago, so she asked me if I would be willing to go out and meet some of his friends. When he invited me to a BBQ at his friend’s house, I decided to go. I met a girl that moved from LA to Chicago one month to the day before I made my move. I ended up going out with her after the BBQ. I don’t know if it’s just my experience, but I feel like I make new friends wherever I go in this town. Everyone is so nice!

To celebrate 4 weeks in Chicago, I woke up and did a little workout. It was way too hot to run so I gave my Jillian Michaels DVD a try. I decided to search hair salons online because I needed the back of my hair to be shorter asap. My new friend suggested that I “own” my hair cut, so I figured it needed a change. I got my cut & color done and couldn’t be happier. I officially own the cut, and even love it. I walked home and stopped by the market to pick up some food, wine, and flowers. I walked home in some crazy, humid heat with another organic coconut popsicle.

I am at the beginning of an amazing adventure, and I don’t want to take any of it for granted. I want to take in every moment in this city, and feel like I’m up for anything. Unless it involves jumping out of a plane, fishing, or hunting, I feel like I should give it a try.

I hope my love affair with this city never ends. Happy 4 weeks, Chicago.

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  • I am SOO glad you are loving it!!! I feel like I too have finally starting really living in my city!!! The Hubs and I are doing everything and anything we can to explore and get out of our comfort zone and I love it! Can't wait to see you next beautiful!!! Need to see this new darker hair ASAP!

  • Hey Danielle! It's Joanna from HLS. I've been visiting (and enjoying) your blog on and off for the past couple of weeks. Great to hear that you're loving Chicago. How is your running coming along? I've started a running group on Wed nights let me know if you want to come. We run on Wednesdays at 6pm and then this week we are going to Karyn's on Green after.