The English roll arm sofa.


I am head over heels in love with every single English roll arm sofa I have ever seen. They are so perfect and lovely & I really want one. I may even go so far as to say that I need one. Isn’t Sofia Coppola’s sofa {pictured above} absolute perfection?But there’s a catch. Of course there’s a catch! These sofas are very expensive. All the ones I really love are over $2000. Story of my life. The best deal I have seen so far is $1700 at Restoration Hardware. Original price…$2400. I’m not sure I can call that a deal. In fact, I’m petty sure that I can’t.

I have heard that Ikea sofas are not comfortable from a few people so spending $500 on something that will end up “lumpy” isn’t very ideal. If splurging on one piece means getting something I would be head over heels in love with that I will keep forever and ever, I may have to do it. This isn’t a crush. It is love. Real love. And it’s not like I need an entire house full of furniture. I’d only need a few pieces. Did I mention that I would keep it forever and ever?

You hear me talking myself into purchasing the RH sofa below, don’t you? So either tell me to go for it, or slap some {virtual} sense in to me. When I see it, I imagine Carrie Bradshaw staring at those beautiful Louboutins and greeting them with “hello, lover.”

I give you the Restoration Hardware English roll arm studio upholstered loveseat.
Hello, lover.
The Pottery Barn Carlisle sofa. I really love this one, too. It is so pretty in person.

Pottery Barn recently introduced this sofa which isn’t as tailored at the RH or any other English roll arm I’ve seen so far, but it is still very pretty. It is comparable in price to the RH loveseat, but since it is much larger, I suppose it’s a better deal. I have issues using the word deal when something is over $1000. I would like to purchase a loveseat and two chairs since I am working with a smaller space, so this one is out. But I do enjoy the eye candy & hope you do as well.


One of my favorite bloggers found a gorgeous roll arm sofa on Craigslist of all places {above}, and had it reupholstered in this gorgeous, green velvet fabric. Love. If I could just find one at a flea market, online, or in some random shop {that I could have upholstered}, that would be amazing. But the idea of sitting on the floor for a year waiting to find my dream sofa isn’t all that appealing.

Also, because I think I have decided to take the less expensive apartment and leave the pup back in LA, I will be saving over $200 a month. I am leaning toward this because I love my dog, and know in my heart that will be happier here.

Maybe that means I can justify an amazing sofa? It is on sale, after all.