My new friend Crystal and I went to the Oprah show today. Sadly, cameras are not allowed inside, so I cannot share any photos of the studio or fabulous guests with you. But let me tell you…it was awesome!

The studio.

Ready for this?! There were 370 people in the audience. 12 of those people were in the front row. I’m talking touching the stage 4 feet away from Oprah kind of front row. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Yes. I was one of them.

I sat in the front row. I may have gotten a little light headed when Oprah came out, because she was literally just a few feet away from me and I couldn’t believe I was really at the Oprah show! I am still dying over it. And if that wasn’t good enough, the audience got free cell phones with 60 days of service AND Roger Ebert’s book with ratings of every movie he has reviewed. Awesome!

So this Tuesday, when you watch Oprah to {her} left, you’ll see me in a green cardigan. I was right behind her when she interviewed Morgan Freeman via satellite, so I wonder if you can see me!

For anyone interested, here is the rundown. We got there at just after 10:00 and checked our coats. They searched our bags and took our cameras and cell phones. We were then directed to a room where we sat down until almost 12:00. It was actually really nice because Crystal and I got a chance to get to know each other. I really like her, and it turns out that we have a lot in common.

Anyway! We finally get to go in. To Oprah’s studio. I’m not sure what happened, but we followed the girls in front of us and I ended up in the front row. Crystal sat right behind me, so she was right up there, too.

The staff was pretty nice {aside from the disgruntled lady that searched my bag}. They played some music, and talked to the audience. One of the girls on staff asked if anyone had an interesting story. Since I was right there, I raised my hand. I told her I moved to Chicago 3 weeks ago. When I said I was from LA, she {like everyone else} asked why I came now. I told her that my car lease ended and it was just a great time for me to come. I think she thought I was a little crazy. If she didn’t already think that, I’m sure she did when she asked if I came with a friend and I pointed to Crystal, sharing that we met on Twitter two days ago. Ha.

There was dancing, clapping, music, and free popcorn. It was a pre-Oscar special, after all. I love the Oscars, so this was really perfect for me. Short of Jack Nicholson as a guest or being a guest for the favorite things show, I cannot think of a way this could have been more perfect.

Then, the big moment. Oprah comes out. OPRAH.

First, she interviewed Gene Siskel. What an amazing story. His relationship with his wife is a testament to true love. You need to watch this interview. I had no idea that he had gone through so much!

After that, Oprah had a satellite interview with Morgan Freeman. He was really funny, and well…he’s Morgan Freeman. Enough said.

And then, Colin Firth. He is soooo handsome in person. And he smiled at me. 😉 During the break, Colin and Oprah were talking. Since I was right there, I overheard Colin saying that when he took the film, he was hoping he’d get a free suit out of it.

Then the big moment. The Tom Ford. Tom freaking Ford! I was DYING. He is so so so handsome and brilliant. I love him. As Colin said, everything he touches turns to gold. So, so true. I was not so secretly hoping for some Tom Ford sunglasses. That would have been fabulous. Yes, I have a pair already, but getting a pair on the Oprah show would have been pretty awesome.

After the interviews, Tom and Colin left pretty abruptly. It was a little sad. But they were right in front of me, and it was just such a fun and surreal experience.

About Oprah. She is really sweet and funny! She joked about wearing spanx, and asked who else had them on. She also invited two girls up on stage to take pics with her. I was not one of those girls, but come on! I got tickets after 3 weeks and got to sit in the front row. You can’t have it all! Oprah joked around quite a bit, and at the end after the taping she {sincerely} thanked everyone for coming. She said that she knew what we all went through to get there {because some people try for years to get tickets} and talked about how thankful she was. It was very sweet.

I have always wanted to go to the Oprah show and truthfully, I never thought I’d actually go. It was really fun, exciting, and surreal to be there. Definitely a highlight of my Chicago experience so far.

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