Chicago. Day 2.

On Friday {day 2} we visited Lincoln Park, which quickly became my favorite area of Chicago. Our first stop was breakfast at Toast. Lincoln park is such a charming, eclectic little place. We visited some adorable shops and walked up and down the lovely tree lined streets.

Kelsey {who will now also be known as iKelsey because she’s as smart as an iPhone app} did a great job getting us from downtown to Lincoln Park. The girl has an incredible sense of direction. Unlike Kelsey, I am a little directionally challenged. By that, I mean that I have zero sense of direction and would probably have an issue finding my way out of a paper bag.

But not Kels. She can look at a map and know exactly where to go. And then she can find her way back to where she started without a map.

I was just a little impressed.

The most charming streets filled with all sorts of great shops, including two personal favorites! Paper Source and Toast {one of my fave places in LA}.

I want to move in to the one with the black door. But I’d take any of them.


That night, we headed to Sushi Samba for dinner, and then to see Jersey Boys! Such a fun night.

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  • I am so bad with directions as well. We have that in common!! lol I always get lost when I'm on my own. My bf is so incredible. After one day of driving through Los Angeles he knew exactly where he was going, it's so crazy. That's why I have him drive me everywhere lol