12 Cute and Colorful Baby Toys

It’s no secret that I don’t have a lot of color in my home. And yes, I plan to stick to a (mostly) neutral palette in our next home because that’s just what I like. But with a baby coming, there’s naturally going to be some color in my home now. First toys and eventually, brightly colored artwork proudly displayed everywhere.

I wanted to share the baby toys I registered for since a. I really don’t want to have too many toys and b. I wanted to choose toys that serve a purpose. So I talked to my friends and consulted a few lists online, and then I narrowed down the list to what I thought were the cutest of the colorful bunch. I have all but 4 of these so far, making up most toys she has so far aside from some Blabla dolls (my favorite). It is my plan to take each stage as it comes and to get to know what she likes before buying a ton of stuff.

Pottery Barn Kids

Wooden Hammer and Blocks

I'm a sucker for wooden toys and think they're so cute on display. I like that this one's a bit less bold.
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Play Gym

I love that this isn't too loud but is still colorful and stimulating for baby.
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Elegant Baby

Bath Squirties

I got two sets of these cuties. Thsee little animals and a bright fruit salad set.
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Xavier Deneux

Touch Think Learn Books

I registered for a handful of these. They're so cute and colorful.
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Cuddy Rainbow Teether

I am so excited about this one! Love the color and texture, and it's adorable in person.
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Fat Brain Toys

Tobbles Neo

My friends' kids played with this after my shower and had a ball with it.
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Acorn Toys

Rainbow Tree Rattle

I've overused the word cute but...come on.
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Wooden Clutching Toy

A bunch of wooden balls that are stuck together (so they can't get lost). Brilliant.
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Crate & Kids

Wooden Train

Back at it with the wooden toys.
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Manhattan Toy


Everyone seems to love this one.
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Wooden Block Sorter

Again with the wooden toys. I can't stop.
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Moulin Roty

Stroller Toy

This whimsical french brand kills me.
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We’re trying not to accumulate too much, but if you have any suggestions or must-have items, I’d love to know what they are! 

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